This and That

Guten Morgan Xangaland!

It has been awhile hasn’t it?  It was a busy week with the exercise and all…  And then Ryan had Friday off for Veterans day and then got sick as a dog on Friday night.  Poor guy.  So we spent the weekend watching TV and catching up on our shows… and then yesterday he was feeling a little bit better so we took the opportunity to wash the dogs!!!  Of course one thing leads to another and a quick wash became grooming…  We have been unable to find a groomer for Yoda here and he’s been getting a bit scraggly of late…


Cute though huh?


So I pulled out the old clippers and tried my hand at a hair cut for my boy.  I don’t think I did half bad either!!!


Look at that cute boy!  You can tell he’s getting older though… he’s starting to discolor around his mouth and feet despite the snow white shampoo we use on him…


Gandalf got a bath too and posed pretty for us with his brother. 


And of course what does a shaved small dog need?  A sweater!  So I tried my hand at my first crocheted dog sweater… he actually seemed to like it!  I’m not much of a dog sweater person but we walked him and he was shivering so bad that he wouldn’t even pee! I made this later in the day and everything is now hunky dory!


How cute can he be… seriously.


Well sadly enough I don’t have anything else to talk about for as busy as I have been.  Except maybe that I think I may be coming down with whatever Ryan has… blech! 



13 thoughts on “This and That

  1. you did a fantastic job on that haircut. he looks like he went to a groomer. he looks so dapper. i love that lil sweater. he looks great. yesterday we saw two lil yorkies being walked and they had matching hooded sweaters on them. one was pink and the other blue. i was like…WHAT?!? okay coats for the dog, but a lil sweater. intriguing….
    hope you don’t get sick.and still totally loving this song 🙂 thanks for letting me know what its from.

  2. You did a wonderful job on the sweater… I wish I could do that for our little man.. 😦  Hope you get to feeling better!

  3. Oh! He is so cute! I just love Schnauzers, they’re the best. I need to get a little sweater for Maggie-she’s been shivering a lot recently too. I don’t know if she’s cold or if she just knows that the baby’s about to come and she a little freaked out about everything changing.

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