Crisp Fall Days…

Guten Morgan Xangaland!

First things first… More stuffed animals!

This first one is bear #2… I wasn’t satisfied with the face and head of the first one so she got a make over. I think she’s much cuter now myself and a fitting gift for the little princess I have in mind.


The second picture is bear #3 and my greatest stuffed animal achievement so far… Though she isn’t as complicated as #2 I’m a sucker for big and squishy and that she is!


This past week when the air was truly cold Ryan and I took the dogs out for a play date. Here is a picture of me and Gandalf waiting for Yoda to um… finish his business and be ready to play.


See that scarf? That’s a new pattern I have and the thing was such a big hit… I walked into the post office to get my mail and the guy kept staring at me… I was getting really self conscious when he finally blurted out “That scarf is beautiful! Where did you get it?” I told him that I made it and he quickly asked if I took orders… I said yes of course and before I knew it I had an order for a pink one much shorter but just long enough to make his little girl feel like a princess! What fun! 


I couldn’t resist sharing this little video with all of you.  It’s of the little play date we had with the dogs and I thought that those of you who know us might like to see how well they are doing here…  Though Gandalf wasn’t feeling so hot that day…  And for everyone else I just think my boys are cute! 

Also, please excuse my running… I thought that at the moment Ryan was playing with Yoda… Turns out Yoda was following me and I was running like a girl.  In my defense I was wearing Motorcycle boots and the grass was slick and, after all, I am a girl!


This weekend Ryan and I went and put the Motorcycle in storage… it was a little scary since we had snow flurry warnings for that day and we had to take high mountain passes through deep dark forest to get to the little town where the storage facility is located… So we were sure that there would be ice on the road.


However Ryan assures me (razza frazza I couldn’t ride since I had to drive the car, we had to get back somehow!) that this was by far the most beautiful and most fun ride he’s ever been on yet (the whole drive { about 20 kilometers } the roads were switchbacks and curves and on a bike that’s a blast!) It was a beautiful day so on the way home we stopped and walked along some nature trails.


 Most of the leaves have fallen now but you can still see just how beautiful this season is here…  We found this old tree and it reminded us so much of the “creepy trees in cheesy old movies” that we had to have a picture!


 The sun coming through the leaves of that tree was so beautiful.


 See how creepy this tree is?  Maybe you had to be there in person… to feel the stillness in the air and to see nothing but age old woods all around you… and though this looks all bright and pretty it was dark… I just have an awesome camera! LOL


 This part of the woods had scenes from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and The Princess Bride dancing through my head… there just aren’t forest that look like this back home.


 See that bunch of stuff in my hands?  I was picking up limbs of colored leaves and ferns and bits of pine boughs to make a fall bouquet…  Ryan has this new fascination with taking pictures of me walking away… hmm…  I never post them but this one had such pretty scenery I couldn’t pass it up… plus I’m wearing a big wool coat so what’s the harm? LOL


 In fact I didn’t even know he had stopped… Would you like to see why?  This place is just full of beauty… so full that you can’t stop looking no matter where you go… My pictures do not do this place justice either…  


As I was telling my mom the other day, some of the most beautiful places we have seen here in Germany were from the car…  There just ins’t anywhere to pull off for pictures on roads that two cars can’t even pass on!  But this picture comes close to showing you a glimpse of what I see every day! 


 In other news…. 

Ryan is a player in a down range exercise for this week…  His hours are roughly 6am to 8pm or so Monday through Thursday so I won’t be seeing much of him for a while.  Last night he had to put on all his chem gear to check for fit and such before beginning the exercise today and he consented to pose especially for the family.


 Ah so very Ryan! 

Just to give everyone a quick update… It looks like we will be getting a visit from my best friend in the beginning of February.  Then we will be going back to Arizona for the month of April for a wedding.  Then Ryan will be deploying off and on from May to August… (We don’t know further details, only that they will probably be short, a month at a time, and that they will be all over Europe)  Then my mom and dad will be here to visit from mid October to mid November. 

And then… oh yes… and then  Ryan will be deploying, probably in January, for six months to Iraq…  So excited about that one.    I’ll keep you informed as we learn more.  But that’s about all we have planned so far… (All we have planned that covers more than a year from now! LOL) 

Well that’s all the news from “The Land of Fairy Tales”  I’m off to finish work on a few projects and to deliver my finished scarf to the man at the post office!

Auf Wiedersehen!




12 thoughts on “Crisp Fall Days…

  1. i love that video. your dogs are soooo cute. i’m glad that you have them with you. especially for when Ryan is deployed then you won’t be so lonely. have you managed to make friends with some other ladies on the base? i’ll be praying for his safety on his deployment. i pray that he’ll be able to keep in touch with you and be kept safe. i also pray for your child that you are working towards having. that you will be blessed. i love these pictures. the black forest is certainly GORGEOUS. i’m a lil jealous. i’m glad that you’ll be back in Arizona to visit friends and that you can see your best friend and your parents. its always sooo great to have something to look forward to.
    and what is this music. it is tremendous and haunting at the same time. something from Lord of the Rings?!? just guessing. have a BLESSED day.

  2. What beautiful pictures!!! Sounds like you are keeping plenty of busy with your crafts!! I wish I had time to craft but gosh…..that is so far put on the back burner. BLAH!! I will say a prayer for Ryan as you are facing the idea of him going to Iraq. Love you girlie!!

  3. Lovely…
    There is just something mystical and eternal about very old trees…isn’t there?  Like you can just picture all the hundreds of years and children playing among them…and them just silent listeners the whole time.  It IS creepy…but in a cool way.  Your dogs are very fun.  I hope Gandalf feels better.

  4. You do such a good job at the crocheting. Love the pics. Thank you so much for your comment yesterday. I knew if anyone could make me feel better it would be my friends here. I was so down about the whole thing and you made me feel better. Hugs.

  5. you are having more visitors than i have had in all the four years of living away from home!  haha!  your scarf is really cool.

  6. Guess who? Yeppers, I ‘talked’ to Jeri and she hooked me up. Now lets just hope this holds…Ryan’s going to I raq again? Seems like I am the last to know everything these days. Oh well, what else is new…love you, Me

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