Hippos and Bugs and Bears… Oh My!

Guten Morgan Xangaland!

Today Ryan and I woke up to a the most amazing site for two people from Arizona!  We have experienced our first frost here in Germany… and though that doesn’t sound like a big deal just remember we come from a place where frost is what you scrape out of your freezer in July to put in front of a fan to cool down a room!

The grass was coated in ice and the dogs went wild for it on their morning walk.  The only word to describe it is frolick!  The roofs, which are normally brown, were white with it and the cars were coated!  That was the only downside.  We don’t have an ice scraper, guess we should have thought to buy one!  So Ryan had to walk to work… and would you like to guess what the temperature was at 8am?  No?  Well try 28 degrees with wind so the “Feels like” was 20 degrees!  Even now at noon it’s only 32!  We had better get some winter tires soon! 

Okay on to other things…  You all know that I crochet… Well over this last weekend I taught myself to make stuffed animals!  And I’ve been having a blast…  I think that these are going to all the babies on my Christmas list this year!  So much fun!!!

Here is a cute little caterpillar!


A pretty pink teddy bear for one of the little princesses in my life.


And the Kudegras of my little collection!  A little blue hippo for my new nephew Malaki!!!  His mamma collects them and his nursery is done in them.


Today or tomorrow Ryan and I are going to put the bike into storage… I wish we had been able to do it sooner… I won’t stop worrying about ice on the roads until it’s locked down and stored but circumstances arose that made sooner impossible. 

Well, that’s all for me today… I’m off to work on a new pattern for a teddy bear…  It’s turning out to be cute so far so we shall see.

Auf Wiedersehen!



15 thoughts on “Hippos and Bugs and Bears… Oh My!

  1. You’re so good with crocheting! My mom also crochets. She used to make all of my cousins children a hat, jacket and booties. She also used to make dolls. She even made clothes to put on the dolls! I loved ’em!

  2. Hehehe. Just wait until you have three feet of snow!! But I bet that will be fun. I love cold days when you don’t have to go outside, or you just have to go out for a little while. You get to turn the heat up, grab a mug of hot cocoa, and curl up under a blanket with a really good book. Even better if there is snow falling outside. I LOVE days like that. I miss them. Talking about this makes me want to put on Christmas music!!!
    I love your stuffed animals, they are so adorable!!! My grandma made me a monkey when I was little and I still have it. I just about loved to it death though! It’s missing an eye, and a lot of the stuffing fell out, but he’s still my monkey, and I still love him. Have fun today in the frost! -Michelle

  3. Awwww I LOVE the blue hippo!  I so wish i could learn how to crochet.  You sooo need to go get an ice scraper!  Perferrably one with a brush on the back too.  🙂

  4. Those are so cute. I swear I’m going to learn how to make things like that when I’m done with Johnathans blanket. It’s snowing here right now.

  5. Cute crocheting! And before you go spend good money on an ice scraper, a credit card works wonders! (Just don’t use the one you use for shopping every day, in case it breaks!! LOL!)

  6. woohooo!  your first frost!  i cant wait to hear a post about your first snowfall.  my dog loved it when it snowed.  i loved it when it was really deep and he would be trying ot jump in and out of it.  good times.  you are so talented.  my little jack carries the blanket you made him all over the place.  we call him linus with his blankie!  he holds and sticks hi fingers through it and sucks his thumb.  i will have to get a pci for you one of these days.

  7. Love those crochet animals, just absolutely adorable! 🙂 How ya doing in the cold? Yesterday didn’t feel too bad around here, but it’s definitely getting colder…my husband was actually late to work that one morning because of all the frost on the car, LOL! Luckily we do have an ice scraper (essential in AK, lol) but it was in the storage room in the basement and my husband was looking all over the apartment until he woke me up to ask where it was! I told him to just leave it in the car from now on, I’m sure we’ll need it again. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the winter, don’t worry too much about it being cold, it’ll be fun to experience plus… there really isn’t anything much better then coming inside after being out in the cold and having a nice hot cup of hot chocolate!! 🙂 In my opinion, anyway. 🙂 Well, I hope you’re having a great weekend!! 🙂 🙂

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