Winter’s on it’s way…

Guten Morgan Xangaland!

I’m sad to say there isn’t really anything to talk about.  Ryan and I decided to stay home this weekend in favor of catching up some chores and he needed to catch up on some studying.  We are also digging in for winter.  Getting the bike ready to go into storage on Wednesday for the next six months or so, I’ve been making scarves galore and so on.  So though we were pleasantly busy there isn’t much to tell. 

We are doing well and enjoying the weather changes.  In the next 10 days we aren’t suppose to have a high over 47 degrees and the lows are in the 30’s.  It is strange too to realize that the daylight is quickly waning…  It doesn’t get light here until about 7:45am (used to be 8:45 but the daylight savings time rolled back) and it gets dark at about 6pm now… We have been told that in the dead of winter it doesn’t get light until about 10am and it’s dark by 3:30pm.  I guess you never think about it but the tip of Italy’s boot is equal with the top of the U.S.  So that puts us halfway up Canada… I guess it makes sense! 

Well I guess that’s it for the day… Tomorrow I’ll be putting up a spooky story for fun… It’s one I wrote based on the character of the English lady living in the deserts at the turn of the century… she kind of got stuck in my mind after the last story I wrote about her…

So with that… See you tomorrow!

Auf Wiedersehen!

7 thoughts on “Winter’s on it’s way…

  1. That is not enough day light..I dont know how I would react to that.I hate it getting dark here at like 5:30..So I couldn’t imagine 3:30. I think I would be very sleepy! LOL!

  2. so have you ever been in a winter like you are about to experience?  when we lived in MI it was depressing sometimes because of the lack of sunshine.  ugh.  its really cold here already.  i am missing the southern heat. 

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