The Manderscheid Castles

Guten Tag Xangaland!

This weekend Ryan and I decided to go on a drive.  We drove towards Manderscheid since we knew that there were castles there.

So we packed up the car…


Hey do you see my patio?  No? Well here’s a closer look! LOL And just get a load of my tree!


The drive was full of switchbacks and steep climbs… If any of you ever come to visit be ready to take your Dramamine!  Some of these switchbacks had speed limits of 20 klicks… which is 14 miles and hour!  Trust me you need to be going that slow too!  Oh but it was beautiful!


As we drove we found yet another pull out and we of course took a walk through the woods…


It was a truly cold morning!


The light in the trees was simply amazing!


Isn’t he handsome?!


When we came out of the trees we were stunned… we stood on a cliff overlooking a gorgeous museum… The pictures do not do it justice.


Aren’t the colors beautiful?


I love the mists of this place…


The trees here are beginning to turn and the contrast of them blazing against the brilliant blue of the sky here is simply breathtaking…


Ryan fighting his way back out of the woods… lol  His jacket got stuck on a little tree and he starting karate chopping it… he didn’t know I was looking… and you should have seen him blush when the flash went off!


The valley below the path we climbed into the woods…


A village we passed on the road…


One part of the road was lined in these trees… so beautiful.


And then we eventually reached Mandersheid and the castles…


 Here stands the Mandersheid castle… actually it’s two castles… the upper belonging to Trier and the lower belonging to Luxembourg in ancient times… there is a cliff between them that once marked the border and it is said that the tower gaurds would watch each other in distrust from across the gorge… 


 The lower castle is much bigger and much more strongly fortified.


As you can see…


 However the upper castle is one of the oldest in the Eifel… It is first recorded in 978. 


Both castles were destroyed by the french during the french revolution.


This is the tower from the upper castle flying the German flag.  It was destroyed in 1673.


This is the tower on the lower castle… You can just make out the Luxembourg flag.  This castle was destroyed in 1794 which ended aristocratic rule in the Eifel.


On our way home we drove through a small town called Eisenschmitt.  This is a picture of it from above…


Going over the river.


The church in the center of town.


It was a beautiful day, a perfect day for a drive… I hope you enjoyed sharing it with us!

Auf Wiedersehen!


16 thoughts on “The Manderscheid Castles

  1. do you scrapbook also?  these pics are so beautiful.  how awesome that you can share this with us all so quickly.  technology is amazing.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pictures. It makes me yearn to return to Germany for another visit. I especially love it there in fall. Coming from AZ there is such a drastic difference!

  3. Thank you for taking me along on your drive. That looks like a wonderful place with a lot of history.  I found you from Kween’s halloween story page.  I enjoyed your jackle story.  Nicely done.

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