A Ride through the Countryside…

Guten Morgen Xangaland!

Yesterday Ryan and I took our first bike ride since it arrived here and we got it all up and running… The weather was simply beautiful as was the scenery.  The leaves are just beginning to change here and the air is crisp and smells of fall.

All of our pictures were taken at sunset so excuse the squinting!

Here we are on the overlook on the B-50.  It is the only place to pull of the road between Bitburg and Spangdahlem.


 This is the little village below our overlook on the B-50.  Isn’t it just beautiful?


 Perching out on the edge… I really need a tripod for my camera so I don’t have to prop it up here and there as I can!


 And for the very first time… BERTHA with her new wardrobe… I know I told all of you that we had Ryan’s bike, Bertha, painted.  We only got the pieces back and on the bike right before we left for Germany so there was only time for one last ride with my mom and dad and of course we forgot the camera that day!  Isn’t she beautiful?


 Me standing on the overlook… aren’t the colors amazing?  And they haven’t even started yet or so I’m told…


 Ryan standing over the valley.


 Me with the “Other” woman.


 I think this one might end up as our Christmas card just to follow tradition.


 This is a small prayer chapel right off of Spangdahlem Air Base.  It was built in 1654! 


 And with that I will bid you Auf Wiedersehen!




11 thoughts on “A Ride through the Countryside…

  1. once again beautiful pictures!!!!! and u guys are OBVIOUSLY enjoying it!! =) sorry i haven’t been around. i haven’t done anything really on xanga or myspace. i actually work more now lol. i dont have so much time to spend on the couch. which is nice for a change. anywho, hope you guys are doing great. i’ll read as much as i can to catch up!!

  2. Awww I like the last pic… that would make a cute christmas card but make everyone jealous that they’re nto there too :).  Beautiful pictures like always! 
    And yea, we already have freaking snow… thankfully thats all there was, but more “flurries with no chance of sticking” should be here today but they had that same forcast for yesterday and you saw what happened.  100 miles north of where i grew up and i guess I’m in antartica or something w/the snow perdictions already. 

  3. One of the many things I loved about living in Germany was that it was just so picturesque…always everywhere. I love the cathedral of trees you found and what a great place to have a motorcycle!

  4. great pictures! your husband’s bike is very nice! πŸ™‚ i am definitely going crazy over here at this last minute notice for my husband going to school….i think its mostly his fault that i didnt know. i guess he pretty much knew he was going but chose not to inform me until he was completely sure so i was assuming lack of info meant he WASNT going. meanwhile he knew there was a good chance he would go and waited til he had the orders in hand (today) to inform me. ugh!!!! so now im pretty annoyed at him because he doesnt understand that finding out LAST MINUTE is NOT fun for me. *sigh* Men! πŸ˜›

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