A Walk in the Woods…

Guten Morgen Xangaland!

This weekend Ryan and I took a drive through the countryside… Somewhere between home and Trier we stopped at one of the many parking pullouts along the road…  We climbed a steep bank and pushed through a barrier of berry bushes and ferns and found a wondrous place…


An old logging road, so quiet and hushed… the trees so dense the sun barely reached in… it looked almost like a cathedral of trees.


A little shiver ran down my spine and I saw the big bad wolf hiding behind every tree… and I realized that I could no longer hear the sounds of the autobahn behind us… it was as if we had stepped into a book.


The quiet was almost something you could touch in these woods… and it felt as if the trees simply breathed… 


As we walked along this path pine needles drifted slowly down in the crisp fall breeze and I looked up at the treetops.  The sun glowing through them looked like something right out of a Tolkien book… can you see the homes of the elves, lit by a hundred little lanterns?


Walking through this forest I felt as if I was walking through every forest of my childhood and every forest of my dreams… it was hush and damp… the only sound was the wind sighing through the pines… there is nothing quite like that sound…


Everywhere we looked there where toadstools and mosses… things I had never seen before… homes for the little fairies that are legends here.


We reached the end of the forest path and turned to see something wondrous… the cathedral these trees made was lit by the sunset… the berry bushes and ferns we had passed through on the other end shone like a stained glass window…  What an enchanted forest we had found.


That is what we love about living here… every day… if we choose to make it so… is an adventure.  Everywhere we look we see something that takes our breath away… Even at a rest stop there is beauty if only you choose to look.


Auf Wiedersehen!


P.S. For a short video of our walk in the woods go




12 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods…

  1. Love the pictures! and your comments are like poetry.  It made my day.  The leaves are so beautiful here now that we are trying to go to our park as often as we can before all the leaves are gone.  Have a great day.  : )

  2. Beautiful pictures!!! That’s exactly the sort of thing my husband and I need to be doing on the weekends over here! Just enjoying the beautiful scenery and the excitement of being in a foreign country! 🙂

  3. That’s gorgeous. And yes, I can see the lanterns of the elves’ forest and the fairies! I have an imagination like yours, and when I’m in a place like that, I can almost see all the imaginary creatures all around me. Man, Germany is beautiful!

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