Crochet madness…

Guten Morgen Xangaland!

Today I decided to share all the crochet projects I’ve been so busy with in the last few months… the problem was that they were all baby blankets and all the women they went to had access to my site or email…  So now that all the showers are over and the blankets are tucked away in nurseries awaiting wee ones… I thought that I would share some pictures and have a record of them.

Okay, just so you know all of the blankets are even and nicely squared I just can’t ever seem to get them laid out right when I take pictures and since I no longer have any of them in hand I can’t redo the pictures!

This first set was for my little sister’s best friend and consequentially my best friend’s little sister.   I had very specific rules on this one.  Only white, tan, and Eddie Bauer green and only stripes! So I did the best I could.  She did her nursery in greens and blues and did Peter Pan and the Lost Boys… charming.

Here is the main blanket.


The white receiving blanket.


The beanie.


The final presentation.


This next set was for a very dear friend whom I actually met here in Xangaland!  Gia or Emmagayle has become one of my closest friends and she is even now anxiously awaiting the birth of her daughter Lucy.  She should be here by the end of October and I can’t wait to see her!!!

The first is the main blanket.


This is the white receiving blanket.


One the color of her nursery walls… apple green and pink!  How sweet!!!


Various hats and scarves with the leftovers.


No finished package on this one as I had to ship it from here in Germany.

This next set is for Ryan’s baby sister Josie, and for my first nephew, Malaki Phoenix.

The first is the main blanket.


This is the white receiving blanket.


One in soft baby blue in a water stitch.


Various hats and scarves with the scraps.


The finished product.


Now for the big announcement.  He’s already here! 

Welcome to the world Malaki Phoenix!!!


Isn’t he a cutie?


Well there you have it… a ton of pictures.  Now that I’ve put you all to sleep in your chairs with my Brahms Lullaby and my boring post… lol  I don’t really have all that much more to talk about and since this is already extremely long I will say farewell. 

Auf Wiedersehen!



12 thoughts on “Crochet madness…

  1. WHEW…thank goodness you have ordered from Joann’s before because I definitely would of been very worried about the day my yarn would be arriving, LOL. That is definitely a strange way to send out the confirmation e-mails!!! And I just have to say, all the baby stuff you made is so awesome!!!! You are such an excellent crocheter! I love the blankets!!! I myself have only crocheted 1 baby blanket, lol. Don’t know if you’ve seen this pattern: [] but that’s the pattern for the blanket I crocheted for my friend who had a baby in March. I personalized it with the baby’s initials and my friend really loved it. 🙂 Crocheting baby things are definitely super fun and they’re fantastic gifts because baby blankets/hats,etc. are always needed for little ones!!! 🙂 How long have you been crocheting? You really do a great job!!! And your nephew is adorable!!!!! What a cutie pie! 🙂 I will be heading to the commissary later to pick up some milk and misc items so I’m definitely going to get the ingredients to make that fruit dip, yummy!! 🙂 I am enjoying the cool weather…fall is definitely in the air and I’m loving it! 🙂 Alaska kind of skips the fall season, lol, it’s just straight to winter for them so I’ve missed having that nice cool crisp fall feeling. 🙂 Love Germany!!!! 🙂 Have a great weekend!!!!!!

  2. They are beautiful. I will be pulling out my cross stitch pattern since the weather is turning cooler. Have a good weekend!

  3. So pretty!! I love your hook-work. Haha, you’re such a good hooker! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist, I’m a DORK) but seriously, those are GORGEOUS. What lucky babies to be wrapped up in such love! -Michelle 

  4. What stitches did you use on the Lost Boys main blanket? That is charming. Well, all of them are beautiful, but I have a specific project in mind!

  5. Wonderful stuff honey! By the way. . . I’ve changed browsers (to FireFox from MSN). Prior to that I couldn’t comment because my “active X Control” turn on would pop up and when I hit it, I could read your front page but it would shut down MSN before I could comment! Someone suggested this browser and hopefully by changing to it, I can continue to comment to you! I thought you did a great job on the challenge!~K.K.

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