Crochet and Pampered Chef

Guten Morgen Xangaland!

Welcome to an entry of shameless self promotion!

I have been crocheting my fingers off since we have arrived here in Germany and have managed to add a few blankets to our linen closet and scarves and hats to my wardrobe… I thought that I would share a few pictures of the more interesting of these today.

This hat is a bobble beret and it’s really a lot of fun! I can’t wait to wear it. When the weather gets colder you may just see pictures of me wearing it in the snow!!!


Please excuse my hand I really don’t know how else to display this without a mannequin head and those are a little hard to come by in the BX.


This blanket is the ugliest thing I’ve ever made and a part of me loves it! Every time I look at it I groan at the pure 60’s of it and at the same time I’m just thrilled…


It’s a new bow tie pattern which was so fun to work up and the colors do match my house but somehow the way it worked up it looks like it should be flung over a couch in ‘That 70’s Show’! Oh well… I’m enjoying it at least.



The other thing I wanted to talk about is Pampered Chef. I love it and I love cooking with it and I have been talked into hosting a party here in Germany as some of you already know. The lady that will be doing the show has been kind enough to put my show online due to the fact that almost everyone I know will not be able to fly to Germany to attend a cooking show!

So in the spirit of self promotion, I invite you all to attend my online cooking show. You can go here

to order from my show.   Once the website is loaded click on the picture of the stoneware that says Our Products in the bottom left hand corner.  It will take you to a page that says there are two ways to order invited and not invited.  Well you have been invited so click the boxes and enter my first and last name.  Courtney Laube and you’ll be set to get started.  If you have any questions feel free to email me and I’ll try to get an answer for you.

If you have never dealt with Pampered Chef before let me just say that I love everything I have from them… there is not a single thin I regret buying and if you like to cook at all some of these things are simply a must have!!! I also highly recommend the baking stones… You can not burn food on them and they make everything taste better and come out more moist or more tender, most definitely worth every penny.

My show closes on October 30th so if you want to order please do so by then. If you spend 60$ or more you will receive this new bar board…

bar board

For free!

And let me just interject a sentence that is far beyond shameless!!!

This show will close out just five days after my birthday and the more sales I have the move discounts and free products I get and therefore the more Ryan will be able to buy me for my birthday!

(((Snicker))) Told you it was shameless.

I would love for you to all attend (online of course) and make my first show a success!

(No worries I won’t make this a habit!)

Now of course here’s me again taking off my shameless promotion hat…  My dad raised us to never pester sell.  We didn’t even participate in the school fundraisers!  LOL  So please feel no pressure.  I would love you to participate but if you can’t you can’t.  Really!  This is all in good fun.


Okay now that that is over…. Only a few more days until end of year! Ryan will work 12pm to 12am on Saturday and Sunday and then he gets Monday off so that we can do appointments and get the bike finished and registered and then we are free! Well not completely free but free enough to be able to do weekend trips again.

I’m off to visit and catch up on emails!


I’m all caught up and what a feeling!

*End Edit*

Auf Wiedersehen!




6 thoughts on “Crochet and Pampered Chef

  1. I love your hat-it’s so cute!! I also love the music you have in the background…it makes me think of The Secret Garden. I love Pampered Chef!! I can’t get anything right now, but I hope you get lots of orders! I’ve had a party before and it’s so much fun to get free stuff!!

  2. I like Pampered Chef because they make cooking easier for people like me who are just learning.  It’s really fun to use their stuff!
    Love the hat!  It looks nice and warm.  Moonlight Sonata!  A deaf man answering in music to a blind little boy who asked “What does the moon look like?”  I love it!

  3. Thos eare so pretty. I need to learn new stitchs. I love to crochet but I only know the basic straight stitch. I do love pampered chef products but they are exspensive. Have a great weekend.

  4. I love the pictures.  And really, the afghan is joyful and cozy and adorable.  Hand-made things are best!  This morning I just popped a little baby afghan I finished into the wash so that I can get it ready to give away.  I will post a picture when it is out of the wash.  Have a great day.  : )

  5. I love your crochet pieces, they look fantastic! The blanket is really cool!!! 🙂 I finally learned how to make a basic granny square so I’ve been having a bit of fun with that…! 🙂 I had leftover pink & blue yarn and I just used all of it up to make a HUGE granny square, haha! I actually want to order some more yarn and make it even bigger so it can be an afghan! The pink & blue makes me think of cotton candy for some reason and I swear I could smell it when I was crocheting (I may be losing my marbles?? 😉 hehe) Crochet is so much fun. 🙂 I’ve heard so many good things about Pampered Chef and I actually really want to get one of those baking stones and if my stupid records would come and I could actually start work and get a paycheck I would so buy one!!! Here’s hoping the mail speeds up!! 🙂 Have a great weekend!!!!!

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