Guten Morgen Xangaland!

I woke this morning to a cold gray day… It is about 50 degrees here at almost noon and still foggy and chilled…

This is what the view from my balcony normally looks like…


This is today.


Isn’t that amazing? Being from the desert I can remember one or two times in my life when I experienced “fog” and it was never anything like this! I really do love it here… as much as I miss home, and I do, this is the most amazing experience!

Our internet service seems to finally be fixed… obviously… Hopefully we will not meet with many of these problems… I know I’m an internet addict but honestly this is my only form of communication to the world… We don’t have a phone we have an internet phone so without it we can’t even contact family… not to mention we have TV through the internet as well… So without it we are utterly cut off.

Sadly enough after five days with no contact I find that I have nothing to say! End of year is fast approaching (only 4 more days) and then we will be off again…

Until later then…

(Me and Ryan in my mother’s home last winter)


Auf Wiedersehen!



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  1. Gosh that’s some thick fog! We got fog around here!! Glad you got the internet back working!!! And I know you are super excited about the end of the year so your hubby will be home more!!

  2. Guten Tag!  I just came across your site this morning and I love it!  You are very brave being a military wife!  I live in northwest Ohio, home maker with two boys.  I crochet, too.  I have been making baby afghans and giving them to charities because I love to crochet, but no one I know is having a baby.  (does that make sense?)  Do you get around and see Germany much?  My husband and I traveled to Austria three years ago and stayed in St. Johann in the Alps and visited Grossglockner, Zell am See, Salzburg, and Vienna.  I knew just enough German from high school to read street signs and menus.  I look forward to visiting your site often.  Have a great day!

  3. i came here from NaomiJoy’s site. i love your name on your site. i loved looking through some of your posts. they look wonderful. i love the song on here, where is it from (or rather who sings it?) its beautiful. i like your statement about marriage. i think that’s so true. i pray that you will be able to concieve a child, since i know that seems to be a desire of your heart. i was going to ask where you grew up on the desert but i see you have a weather thing for Phoenix so i’ll assume that’s where you’re from. why do you happen to be in Germany. is your hubby in the army? i think they have a base in Koln, but i’m not sure. how are you finding Germany?  great to find you on here.

  4. I’m so glad its fixed for you!That fog is so cool…like…the mists of Brigadoon…I know I’m addicted to the internet.  I run to my computer between lessons I teach (for like 5 minutes) just so I can check to see IF someone MIGHT have emailed me!  So sad!You are your husband are cute together 🙂

  5. Holy Moly, look at that fog! LOL!!!! It was foggy here as well this morning, but not quite as foggy as by you! Hehe! I like fog…it’s interesting for some reason, lol! 🙂 That is really cool how you are getting to experience different types of weather then you’re normally used to…wait until it starts snowing, oh man, I LOVE the snow!!! Knowing how to crochet will come in handy as you can make plenty of hats and scarves to keep you warm & toasty. 🙂 That is really nice of you to say I’m like your only friend actually here in Germany, lol, I do wish we were stationed at the same base because it would of been nice to get together! It can be kind of tough to make friends when you’re new to a base and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one feeling that way. It just takes time though, I just keep telling myself that! Your comment about the baggers at the commissary was too funny as well, LOL, I think most people hate the whole bagger concept!!!! Well, I hope your internet keeps working and doesn’t go on the fritz again! Have a good day and a nice upcoming weekend! 🙂

  6. Glad you are back!   That fog looks fantastic! I pray that Marvin and I will eventually be stationed in Germany when he reinlists…I love the country and the language and my heritage is very much German. I know what you are going through with Ryan having late nights because Marvin is dealing with the same thing! He said he might not be home until 3AM Friday night/Saturday morning since it is the last day of the fiscal year! *gulp* Thank the Lord my mom is here with me or I would be going stir crazy! Ha ha! I hope you are having a fantastic week and that your internet stays dependable! Love ya!

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