September mornings…

Sorry about the pictures of myself… I was playing with my camera this morning and exploring some program options… I love my camera!


Guten Morgen Xangaland,

Please excuse my fanciful moods of the last few days… chill weather and the first scents of fall always do this to me I’m afraid…


I find myself amazed at the fact that almost all of September has passed us by. Time is such a peculiar thing. Rushing forward and holding back… ebbing and flowing as a creek through different seasons with no rhyme or reason to it’s flow…I feel in some ways as if I have always been here and that I always will be… other times I feel as if three years will pass so quickly that I’ll be sorry to return…


The weather has turned chilly here in the land of fairy tales… Evening rains and morning fog… mists so damp that the screens on the windows bead with moisture that does not burn off until well into the afternoon… It’s a far cry from desert life… It won’t be long until the leaves begin to change and make, what I am told, is a beautiful fall season here.


My days are spent passing the time… writing, reading, crocheting… Waiting for Ryan to return home… Not much longer and the month will end… and with it the fiscal year… Then Ryan and I will be off traveling once more. I’ll have stories and pictures to share once more… until then however,


…I wait…






18 thoughts on “September mornings…

  1. I love your camera too, (don’t even know what kind) because it takes awesome pictures.  It that sepia tone in your pics?  I took a photography course in high school and then an advanced course for my job!!

  2. I love the pics. You aren’t making me mad at all. I agree with what you said. I get sick of their attitude to and I refuse to make my daughter feel like that. Like you said it’s their choice. Thanks for the input.

  3. love this entry! sorry it has taken me awhile to comment, i’ve been a little slow on my xanga updates. 🙂 glad to hear you are feeling better!!! 🙂 hope your day is well & youre enjoying this lovely weather. 🙂 i really wish my xanga entries were half as fun to read as yours, you really are a fantastic writer! 🙂

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