New Horizons…


Do you know what today is?

The two year anniversary of me coming to Xanga…



New look for the fall… What do you think?

*End Edit*


Guten Morgen Xangaland!

I’m back and feeling much better, thank you for all the comments.  I know the music on this post is bad for reading it but I couldn’t help it.  You’ll see why… though you may not understand my sense of humor!  LOL  Hope all of you are doing well.  I have missed you.  I went around and caught up today so you should all have comments!

Now for the real post.


In every new place I live there is always a moment when the frenzy of settling in and spreading about the things that make me feel at home, ceases and I see it. This place becoming more than an apartment, more than a strange new place, but at last, if only for a moment, home.

This morning the moment took place.

I was going about my house completing my chores and putting everything in order. I stopped to look at my family room, now adorned with growing potted plants, bits of colored glass in the form of candle holders and vases, my old friends my books, and pictures of my family, bathed in the rosy glow of a beautiful dawn in this land where fairy tales still live… And there at last I felt it, I was home.

A fanciful thought flitted through my mind and I couldn’t’t help but share it.

I thought of the Victorian women who traveled to the ends of the earth with their explorer husbands. Whether they called the jungles of South America or the Deserts of Egypt home, there was comfort and beauty with them…

I can see this woman in my mind’s eye, adorned in expensive fabrics, quietly sitting in her canvas tents, with billowing yards of mosquito netting blowing in the stiff breezes. The hot desert sun glaring off the white sand just inches from the expensive Turkish rug her sofa rests upon. There are stools of mahogany and pillows of silk placed tactfully around the room awaiting her guests. A gramophone with the latest Gilbert and Sullivan opera playing softly upon it, a gleaming silver tea service placed on a low table in front of her and a cup of the genial beverage cooling at her elbow. She sits reading the latest Rider Haggard novel, a bit guiltily, hoping that her husband doesn’t discover it. For a lady does not read such tales of werewolves and vampires, but she secretly cannot put the book down and her dreams are haunted despite herself.


She has made a home here.


It occurred to me that there is a bit of her in me, and in all the military wives that are called to leave home and country and make a home for their families wherever they land. With a small bundle of trinkets, a few sticks of furniture, and a coin purse sadly lightened by the move, we are called upon to create a home that will both make our husbands (and ourselves) proud should a colleague come to call and make our family feel as if they never left their home behind.

So here I sit… Even though we are very different, she and I, and a century separates us… I still have a Turkish rug under my sofa, I’m listening to music, reading a book that will give me nightmares and drinking a cup of the genial beverage. (Earl grey tea) Though of course my music is Day of Fire and my book is by Steven King… but it is my home away from home…


I am content.

The song of the day is naturally a Gilbert and Sullivan piece called “When I was a Lad” from the opera U.S.S. Pinafore 

(You didn’t think I made that up did you?)



14 thoughts on “New Horizons…

  1. Bravo Bravo!  Such a wonderful entry!  Inspiring, enchanting, anchoring…lots of wonderful things to help me start my day.  Brilliant…thank you 🙂  I am glad you are feeling better!

  2. Gald to see you are feeling better!!Gald you had that feeling of home there also! I know the  1st time I had that feeling when we got married and lived in our house..It was wonderful!!

  3. Welcome back dear. Glad you are better.
    Court., you should seriously write books……. I’m a reader of MANY books and I can tell—-you so have it in you to write a good novel that one can lost in. Not one of those big print, small books that can be read in two days, but one of those huge, thick, small print books that you never want to end.
    I have so much respect and appreciation for military wives. My Aunt and Uncle work for Camp Lejune in North Carolina and every time I go to visit there I get a sense of awe and humbled respect for the families on base.
    Blessings to you!

  4. Thanks for the comment 🙂 I finally got the pictures fixed.  I guess something happened and they were up for awhile since Marci saw them but then when i went to look today they werent even uploaded anymore.  So its just weird.  I love my shoes… i’m trying to find a way to wear them to work haha but I know that can’t happen.  ~hugs~

  5. Courtney, I think that you need to be a writer. This was beautiful…every bit of it…every image it pictured in my mind. I could see the lady sitting in her tent and hear the wind picking up the sand outside. My mind clearly saw the sheen of sunlight off the silver and smell of the tea. You did such a wonderful job. I am greatly impressed!You should write lots of things like this. Keep this forever–not only on xanga, but somewhere permenant where your children can read it. It bears your soul and the light the Lord has placed within you.
    My mom just called me to read the letter she is sending with the money to your mother. So, very soon–you should have everything you need for the clock. 🙂
    Your Friend,

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