The Burning…

Guten Morgen Xangaland!
In the last few days the fire department has been burning apartment after apartment in the building across the way from us.  (We found out that the building has unrepairable sewage problems so the Air Force is tearing it down and building it new.)  They  finally moved into a section we can see from the porch and so we, along with all of our neighbors, sat out on our porch and watched the show!  And of course I got pictures to share with all of you!
The first picture is just after they set the fire… the smoke is just beginning to billow, and you can see the men running around and getting ready.
The fire has just broken out the window.  You can see the men getting suited up to begin the fight.
The fire is going full force now!  You should have seen the kids all around the building…  Straining forward in the lawn chairs their mothers had put out for them as yelling and laughing at each big pop and blast from the diesel trucks…  Kids make everything fun!
Bleeding the truck and going into the building! 
prepping the trucks
The firemen were actually fighting the fire from inside the building but the fire got so hot that a few of the veterans got geared up and hosed off the windows above the blaze, I assume to contain the fire to the apartment they were using for training on that day.
 I even got a few seconds of video of the fire fight for you.

The beginning of the end…  the fire was beginning to die out and every once in a while you could see a stream of water shoot out the window as the firemen inside continued the fight. 
Nothing left but steam and smoke.
Victory!  You can just see the fireman standing out on the porch getting a breath of fresh air.
Yoda absolutely refused to watch the fire with me.  He was instead intrigued with watching the neighbors dog walk around his porch while his family watched the fire too…  After noticing his frantic low crawls toward the separating door I though that I might as well as share the sight!  I have to keep pulling him back because he kept sticking his head under the gate and as much as he thinks he’s a big bad brawler (he does have Gandalf throughly under thumb, if he had any that is!) this dog is a much bigger dog and a stranger to boot. 

Well there you have it… our little weekend adventure…  And I must admit a taste of home… The warm air blowing off the fire felt almost like the desert heat!  And watching the firemen fight fires will always remind me of home… since my Father, three uncles, two cousins, best friends father, and countless others in my family call this their profession.
In other news… sad news…  Ryan got the bike up and running but before we were able to take the much anticipated ride he noticed a leak.  After a panicked phone call to my father he checked many alternative possible problems… but alas the original fear is true… we have blown a head gasket…  Not a big deal on a car but a HUGE deal on a bike.  (SIGH)  So it needs repairs and though TMO says to claim it since there were NO problems before we shipped it, they say it’s very unlikely we’ll get paid for it since it’s a mechanical problem we can’t prove they caused  (Grumble)
So our bike riding days are postponed for now.  We are hoping to get it up and running soon.  It’s only money right? LOL
Well that’s it for today!  Hope you are all doing well.
Auf Wiedersehen!


9 thoughts on “The Burning…

  1. Aww, I’m sorry to hear about the bike. I know it’s expensive in a car. At least it was in our van. Hopefully it’s not to much to fix.

  2. Great, great post honey!  And Yoda is ADORABLE!  So funny you keep having to haul him back and he scooches up again!  Aren’t dog’s characters?  Did I say that he’s absolutely ADORABLE? (Oh, yeah, I see that I did!).   Loved the post!~K.K.

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