“Did you know dogs use their whiskers to sense whether or not their head would fit in a space?  So you know what happens when he licks his butt don’t you?  His whiskers are telling him summin’ like ‘Hey! That’s far enough.”

I’ll explain tomorrow.



Guten Morgen Xangaland!

Well they did the burn in the building across the street but I didn’t take any good pictures… There really wasn’t anything to see and unfortunately they used the other side of the building from me and they did it in a part of the building that the tree right in front of my living room window blocks… oh well. Here is a picture of them setting up.


I hear tell that they intend to use the whole building for this so sometime in the next few weeks they should move to a section that will allow me to get some good pictures of it. 

Here is a picture of one of the firetrucks 


You can just see the smoke staring to blow in.  I did end up with plenty of smoke in my house though! A much better smell than fermenting beer I must say.

Oh have I never told you about the beer? I don’t believe I have… Well here in Germany each region has their own local beer that they make and market. Everywhere you go in that area you see signs for it and it’s just about all they serve. Our region is home to Bitburger Pills.


“Bitte ein Bit!” Please one Bit is our motto around here…


You can even get a bumper sticker of it! Well I can see the Bitburger Pills factory tower from my balcony as the factory is only about a quarter of a mile from me. Let me just tell you this… there is nothing worse than the smell of fermented beer boiling over a wood fire… nothing. You may think there is but until you smell it day in and day out for days at a time you have no idea… and since I have no other way to heat or cool my house than to throw the windows wide Bitburger Pills is what I smell…. (shudder)

The worst part is it isn’t all the time. How can that be a bad thing you may ask? Well I’ll tell you. You see, after a little while you get used to the smell and then it goes away since they only do that part of the process a few days of the week… You forget about it until BAM Monday morning they light the fires and WHOA DE DO DEE! PEW EEE!!!

While we are speaking of alcohol I’ll tell you something else that is a little strange. In Germany every little town has their own schnapps and yes you have it right… It’s MOONSHINE!


Better known as rocket fuel! This stuff will burn your nose hairs out from across the room let alone touching it to your mouth… gag. I very innocently asked why everywhere we went had something different and none of them have names they are just all called snaps. Well in turns out that here in Germany they have horrendously high taxes and so the German government has made it legal to pay your taxes in alcohol. So since this ‘rocket fuel’ is relatively inexpensive to manufacture every little town has their own. So of course being the curious soul that I am I asked what in the world the German government did with thousands of gallons of this stuff every year. You’re never going to believe this! They heat the government buildings with it!!! Talk about your tax dollars hard at work!

Okay one other strange thing, for me at least. Today my upstairs neighbors moved out. The German movers have the neatest way of emptying an apartment so I got a few pictures for you.

They put that ladder up to the fourth floor balcony…


Then they send up this platform and then send it down loaded…


I’ve never seen anything quite like it. 

In other news As of yesterday the end of fiscal year rush has begun in Ryan’s office and starting today they are all on overtime. They will be working from 7am until 6pm and then have Saturday hours too. They may even work more as the month comes to a close. I hear tales from the other contracting wives that it is not uncommon for them to still be waiting up for their husbands as 10 and 11pm roll around in the month of September. So since it’s going to be so busy we probably won’t be going on a lot of trips this month… However when October begins they will all have a lot of time off because of the overtime so we’ll make up for it then.

Well that’s it for me today… 5pm is rolling around and I need to start thinking about what to cook for dinner. I have rediscovered a love of cooking here and I’m learning so many new recopies.


Hope all of you are doing well.

Auf Wiedersehen!



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  1. A bartender at my moms bar thought he was a beer expert or something and he loved that beer!  Thats all he’d rave about.  And I know kind of what your going through… Milwaukee home of Miller products 🙂 I had to drive that ALL the time, and even though it was only a drive and I could roll up the windows the smell still sneaked in.  And the lovely part was the morning and nightly traffic jams which would stop you in front of the factory for sometimes up to an hour depending on construction.  Only they don’t have an off day, so you smell it ALL the time.  That is a really interesting way of moving, and probably really smart.  Just hope nothing falls off the sides off the platform.  And hmm moonshine… Germany is interesting 🙂

  2. LOL about the moonshine and using it for heat. I would not like that smell either of beer firmenting. I remember when I was there how much beer everyone drank. But I never saw anyone drunk.

  3. That’s a very informing post! Learned alot..Werid how they move and heat the government building..It’s so werid how different things are from place to place, just city to city dont even have to move across the country! LOL Hope you found something good to cook for supper!

  4. RYC: 6 years is an accomplishment. As far as I’m concerned any anount of time is an accomplishment I love reading your posts. You always have something new to share. Hugs.

  5. That is so interesting to know that they market their own beer!!  I took German in high school and ever since you moved to Germany, I have learned so much!!
    Du bist mein freund!!! That is one of the few German phrases I remember!!!

  6. It looks like you are doing great and im glad to hear it. When are you two going to have a big cute baby for me to goo over? I think you two would have great kids and I see your ticker on the bottom and I just keep praying you guys get to have one. I also see your birthday is coming up soon! woohoo! Well I just wanted to say hello!! I will talk to you soon.

  7. When I was a kid and we lived in California we lived down the street from a Spaghetti Sauce factory and so every morning on my way to school I’d get a face full of GARLIC. By the time we came home from school, it was gone and so the next morning it was just as bad! So I totally know where you are coming from.
    My German teacher at KU was from you guys region because I remember her bringing bottles of Bitburger Pils for those in the class who were of age and inclination. Anyway, she said the slogan was more like, “Bit Please!” kind of like we’d say “Bud Please!” but just the way German grammer is, they have to put the Please first. Anyway! Have fun enjoying German beer and your time to yourself!

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