Home Sweet Home… At Last!

Guten Morgen Xangaland!


I hope all of you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! We had an extremely busy one but it was fun! (Ryan tells me that I’m a strange egg for finding what we did this weekend fun!)


Our household goods came on Thursday!!! We ended up spending the whole weekend unpacking every single box and putting everything where it goes because if you know me at all you know I just can’t live with unpacked boxes. There is just something about putting together a new home and making it your own. As much as we were settling in here nicely already, there is definitely something to be said for having your own things surrounding you to make you feel at home. So without further ado…. I give you pictures!


This first picture is from the front door looking down my hallway.


My one lonely beerstein and my one lonely family picture…




I didn’t get pictures of the bathroom since it looks exactly the same as it did the last time I sent pictures of the house. I also didn’t get pictures of the office/guest room because it doesn’t have a bed yet (we still need to buy one) and the rest of the furniture is crammed into one corner to make an office for Ryan. It looks awful and cluttered but hey you have to do what you have to do… so no pictures! I will tell you that it’s unpacked, organized and clean though! You’ll just have to believe me!


Our bedroom…


This picture is from the door…




A picture facing back towards the door.




My little reading nook… A place to curl up next to a radiator (in lieu of a fireplace) with a good book and a hot cup of Earl Gray Tea. I simply can not wait!




As you can see there really isn’t all that much above and beyond bulk furniture. I didn’t really bring anything because I wanted to get all those nick knack type things here in Europe. I must say though I’m sorry for some of them… It’s going to take me a while to build up a collection and I miss the homey feel that things like that bring to a home. And I really wish I had brought more family pictures… But it’s a challenge and one I’ll enjoy meeting!


The kitchen…


Entering the kitchen… Do you like my makeshift bookshelf? It was supposed to be a glass door display cabinet but the glass was a smokey gray with tacky brass trimmings and since the cabinets faced the living room this just felt more… well… like me I guess.




Here is my stove and fridge… the corner of my kitchen.




The opposite corner with my polish pottery!




Moving along the counter to the breakfast bar.




A shot of the kitchen from the family room… (and of course my hall table.)




The family room…


The corner of entertainment! Ryan has never been happier… I would say he is as excited as a kid on Christmas morning but since that seems to be a constant state for him it wouldn’t do any good… LOL




My hall table in the entry of the room.




A view of the room in the morning sunshine… The light here is so beautiful! It seems strange to think that in a few short months though we will only be getting about five hours of it…




Another view… with our Turkish rug and our Cuckoo clock! Ah here is some damage for you… the movers broke our clock… I guess I should have thought to write fragile in German on the box… it works but the chain slipped the gear for the music so it no longer plays Edelweiss on the hour so we have to have it repaired… If it was ever going to need repair, however, we’re in the right place for it.




A picture of Yoda so that you can see the Turkish carpet better. It’s a mosaic pattern in the same color as our couch with squares the same color as the island (the chaise lounge) as we call it.




We were very lucky. There was some pretty severe damage to some of our furniture however none of it shows badly or renders the furniture unusable. So even though it’s damaged we don’t have to replace it… but we will be compensated for it. Believe it or not most of the damage was water damage! I mean, yes, I knew that my household goods were packed into shipping containers and then put onto a boat but for Pete’s sake don’t they try to keep it dry? We have some severely warped wood pieces and a whole box of books that is the worse for wear. Then they did break the leg on one of my antique leather top end tables and for that they will pay, in money but baring that, they’ll pay in blood of course… sigh. But all in all most of it was fine.


We are so excited to have it all here safe and mostly sound and all set up. I’m really happy with how it turned out and I can’t wait to see how it changes and grows over our three years here in Europe. I think we’re going to be very happy here.


After we finished last night Ryan and I spent some time to ourselves relaxing in the ways that relax us best… I set scented candles (Macintosh apple and lemon zest) around the edges of the enormous tub, set up the portable DVD player with one of my favorite movies (Much Ado About Nothing) got out my pedicure set, and took a long hot bubble bath. ((SIGH)) simply delightful… Ryan… played Xbox. LOL Did you expect anything else?


Well that’s all for today… I can hear the fire trucks outside right now preparing to burn down our neighboring building so tomorrow or the next day may bring some good fire pictures… we’ll see if there is anything to see. For now I’ll leave you with one last pictures of my boys enjoying their new home.




Auf Wiedersehen!




19 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home… At Last!

  1. Looks really nice. Glad you got your stuff and I agree. They could at least try and keep it dry. You definantly have a knack for decorating.

  2. wow, your apartment is beautiful! i love the way you set everything up, it looks so homey and relaxing! 🙂 you guys have a really nice apartment….it looks way better then what we have here at ramstein! your bedroom is huge!!!! im jealous!! i like your stove! my stove is really small, its built into the counter, lol, its definitely odd!…..and the oven is so small, my pans dont fit!! 😦 i love your hallway too….our front door just opens right up into the living room! 😦 im glad you got all your stuff though and im sorry to hear there was some damage! i was terrified that all our belongings were going to fall off the boat on the way here, LOL. im still shocked that none of our belongings were damaged. especially since they came from alaska!!!! but at least the govt is compensating you guys and the majority of your stuff is there okay. 🙂 btw, i love the lemon zest yankee candle and i have a macintosh apple air freshener in the car!!! 😀 cant wait to see your pictures of the burning building (lol!) have a great day! enjoy the weather, its so beautiful outside!!!! 🙂

  3. I LOVE “Much Ado About Nothing”! Kenneth Branaugh (?) is such an amazing actor, I’m so in love! Anyway, yes, living in CA is costing us a ton of money! We get a teeny tiny bit if COLA but it’s like $25 a month. But groceries are a lot more expensive, GAS is TONS more expensive, we drive across the border to Las Vegas and gas drops by about 50 cents! And since Dave has to drive a half hour to work, we use more gas that we ever did in Kansas. When we were in school and we looked at our budget, we thought that being Active Duty would be like getting a scholarship check every month! Well, it’s amazing how much money we have to spend! I have no idea how we made it when we were in college, surviving on less than a $1000 a month! Now we are barely making ends meet with over $2000 a month! Gaw, money really is the root of all evil! -Michelle

  4. What a pretty apartment!
    Who’s the book worm!? Given your reading nook, I’m wondering if it’s you!? I LOVE to read. Chuck says it’s “not normal” cuz I read so very, very much! LOL!
    Hugs to you

  5. Now it looks more like you. It’s cool and yet odd at the same time to see all of your stuff there in unfamiliar (to me) surroundings. Add to that the fact that I am sitting here in your old surroundings….anybody but us confused yet? LOL You did good kiddo, I like the way you set it up. And now I won’t have trouble placing you in the apartment when we’re talking on the PC. And the detail in that apartment. You and I both know they don’t make them like that here! Lucky you!
    Love you guys, and miss you terribly. But it was so nice to visit the other night, uh, day…
    By the way. Bill the Mailman says hi and God Bless you both.
    Love, Me

  6. hi c!  jsut beautiful.  i sure know what you mean about having your own stuff.  i think when you get back here to the states you should come decorate my place for me!  lol!  i am so bad at it.  must go.  jack is screamin.  *sigh*

  7. You have a really nice place. The idea you had with the books in the cabinet is a great idea. I like the cabinet also above the stove. Are those little drawers for spices? Your rug is gorgeous….

  8. It’s one thing to move to another state and have to wait a few days for your stuff…but to be on another continent! I know you’re sooo happy to have all of your things! Everything looks terrific! Enjoy it! (((Hugs)))

  9. Cute pics and the your home looks great!!
    I see all of the books-who loves to read?  I love to read and one day my dream is to have my own library room full of books!!!

  10. What a cozy, inviting place you have! When I saw how those shipping containers are (we loaded one ourselves to go to Africa), I am surprised that more things were not ruined. We did not ship any furniture at all, only household items that we did not want to pay for storage nor purchase there… and those we packed in 55 gallon drums lined with plastic. They survived well, I’m glad to say, even though they smelled a bit “musty” after being cooped up for 4 months! I brought a lot of stuff I never needed and left a lot of things I kept wishing I had… like my books!
    We were also on the lucky receiving end of shipping damage in that we were “given” a piano that had gone from the US to Asia and back again on a ship and the block was so warped it would not tune. The insurance company paid for her to have a new piano… so what else was she going to do with this one but find some poor person who couldn’t afford a piano?!? Lucky us, we have an amazing man in town who was able to repair it so we now have a marvelous piano for the price of repairs (under $300 at the time) I don’t know if you will be so blessed to find an expert clock or furniture repairman, but I sure hope so! Otherwise it will be an annoyance to you every time you see your damaged table or (don’t) hear the clock play its song. BTW, if you never find anyone to take care of your clock, contact me when you return, we have an amazing man right here in our own town who has worked on some incredible (antique and valuable) pieces.

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