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I’m leaving this up for one more day as it is the last day of the challenge… not much going on around here anyway.  We have a house warming party to attend this evening so I better get cooking.



Guten Morgen Xangaland!

Today I have a writing challenge for the Kween_of_Queens website. Please go HERE if you desire to read more entries similar to this one.


Here is the challenge:

Writing a letter to your younger self.

What would you say to your younger self? What advice would you give? Would you offer tips for changing a certain situation?


My Dearest Courtney,

I have been given the most peculiar opportunity to write you this letter. To speak to you of your future, of things to come. There are so many things that I could tell you. What financial decisions will harm you and which will save you, where you will end up in life, who will remain your friend years from now, the man who will win your heart, alas so many things. Yet I find that I can not tell you these things however.

I know you well enough to know that right now you are very angry with me for making this decision, for wasting this opportunity. Perhaps you will grant me a little time to explain myself.

I’m afraid that if I tell you which financial decisions to make or to not make you will not learn the lessons that have made you strong. If I tell you where you will end up you would not believe me and in any case I know you well enough to know that you may take regrettable steps to prevent it. I’m afraid that if I tell you who will remain your friend you will shun all others and miss the experiences that the people who flit in and out of your life in the years to come will provide. I’m afraid that if I tell you who will win your heart you will lose some precious memories and some of the moments of mystery that will sparkle in the dark times to come.

Oh yes there will be dark times and I could warn you of those too but alas, I can not in good conscious do so for only in darkness can you truly see light. I would not have you miss that.

I will tell you to never loss your faith for it will see you through. The God you believe in so fervently now will not abandon you even in the moments when you feel He has, let me assure you that He is there waiting for you to turn back into His arms and trust Him. Let yourself trust Him, Courtney.

Always be courageous. There will be so many times that you feel the weight of the world upon your small shoulders and feel the urge to give up, to retreat. Let me entrust you with the knowledge that though there will always be a load on your shoulders they do get bigger! Battles will rage around you and within you, revel in them and fight them with all of your might, never back down.

I know that in your heart you long for things to happen quickly. You are a warrior, a fighter, a girl of action. I know that the long pauses between these things seem as if they will drive you mad. I know that you ache for certain things in your life… you still do even now as I sit here so carefully composing this missive to you. I know with the most intimate knowledge that there is one thing lacking in your character that you will need. Patience. I also know that as you read this you will brush that away and treat it as every other warning to have this elusive, to us at least, quality. I will not try to dissuade you only to persuade you to let it come back to you on occasion. Whenever there are moments of great tribulation, or of anger, or of heartache, think of this word and all that it entails, Courtney. Try to trust me that, in time, all things will come together for you. In time.

I will leave you with these words…

“Today was the happiest day of my life. As I walked down the aisle on my father’s arm I could see the tears coursing down his face just as they ran down mine. The love of my entire life waiting for me at the alter was so much more than I ever dreamed for myself. He laughed during our vows, he thought I had caught him looking down my dress. I’m afraid that in that one moment our whole life together has been summed up. But I can not force myself to care, I’m so happy!”

The first paragraph from your journal on the day of your wedding. I felt that you should have at least a small glimpse into your future. Happy times are ahead for you as well as tragic dark times. Soak up each moment Courtney. Each breath, each heartbeat, you will not be sorry.


Most sincerely,
An older and slightly wiser you. (I said wiser because I knew it would get your goat!)

PS Always listen to your father. He is always right, as much as that will annoy you it’s true. (Just so you know it still IS annoying!)



Song for the day? Beyond Time by Apocolyptica… not only is the music appropriate but the title! Who could ask for better for this assignment?



37 thoughts on “The Letter

  1. LOL… What a great letter!! I was reading myself in it as well, because I would have reacted much the same if I’d written mine to myself in later years rather than so young. Thank you for your kind comment. I, too, still weep for that little girl I was “Before” … but, as you so aptly state in this letter, our experiences – both the bad and the good – mold us into who we are now, and add a depth of character within us.p.s. I love the music playing on your site!!

  2. How beautiful your words are. I to feel so much the same thoughts. I guess we all said if I only knew then what I do know now. BUT, are not our mistakes, victories, disppointments etc. just a grand part of our growth? I feel the LORD has it all worked out so we just have to keep focused on HIM…Your sis IN Christ, Sis Pris aka Mama Butterfly

  3. Wonderful letter…My father wasn’t annoying. He was anchored in my life. I let him know this pass Father’s Day how grateful I am to have him through out my life. Even as a little girl he was kind, and loving when I made mistakes. He was there for me!!!!! He gave me everything I wanted too…yes he spoiled me….lol Well, after all I was his little girl eh?

  4. Great job! I agree with your letter in that if we erased all of the “bad” things from our lives..we wouldn’t truly appreciate the good times and we would not grow as a person without getting through it and realizing that we came out ok after all. Have a great day! ryc: thank you for your sweet comment!

  5. i’m sorry about the thing you wrote on my site….you must have had to keep it in for quite awhile….I hope the Lord helps you through this and gives you peace.  Its hard but at least we all have eachother here on xanga and most of all our Lord.

  6. You know yourself so well. And I got teary eyed reading it.  I too.. one time.. left.. thinking my god turned his back on me.. and even hated me. But through power of prayer.. forgivness.. and redemption.. I see know he was always there. Always. I too have now a joyful heart knowing that as fact in my life. I loved your letter!

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  8. I absolutely could not have said it better! I love you my beautiful, courageous and one of a kind niece. And as you can see, it worked. Thanks love…Me

  9. that is such a great letter! I also thought about warning myself against too many things that have happened.. all our life’s experiences affect who we are! they make us US
    🙂 Jette

  10. Oh this is just wonderful** knowing ‘she’ has to go through the hard times as well as the good ones..letting her grow and be strong..and then a touching..* thank you for sharing..* and thank you for your comment too* take good care of ‘you’* Lee

  11. Wonderful letter!  I find it interesting that so many of us are specifically NOT going back and telling ‘ourselves’ not to do certain things, because we can see now the importance of learning those lessons. 
    Thanks for reading and commenting on my letter!  Hope you have a great day!

  12. HEY THERE COURTNEY… I am a visiting queen .. stopping by.. I had stopped by before from prior challenges… I must say ..  You have a amazingly awesome talent with words.. How lovely it is..
    Everything everyone  has already said.. are my thoughts as well… Well written and beautiful it all was!!
    Thanks for sharing something special!!
    ~Hugs and Love~ Leslie.. Thanks~Ur fellow Queen~

  13. What a novel idea; if we impart what we know now we might alter the future if our younger selfs wouldn’t just wad it up and throw it away, cuz we don’t know who they are, what they are like, and they don’t know us…Smile

  14. That was wonderful! It is so true that we have endured challenges to bring us to the places in our lives and to teach us. I know I am in the right place where God intends for me to be right now. It is a peaceful feeling.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Great letter.  If we could go back and make changes we wouldn’t have learned the lessons that have given us the insight to write these letters to our younger selves.  Excellent point.  And this music is awesome.  This is exactly the kind of stuff I wanted to write back in the day when I was going to be a big hot rock star instead of a bookkeeper!

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