Guten Morgen Xangaland!

This weekend Ryan and I attended the annual PigFest is Wittlich…  It was a lot of fun… it’s kind of like a small town fair and luau all in one… we had a really good time.  Of course we got a few pictures.

This is the main square of Wittlich.


A close up of this building just for my mom.  Isn’t it gorgeous?


The clock tower.


Ryan and his boss MSgt Tuck standing in front of the midway.


Ryan made me take this picture… He thought you would all enjoy seeing this man cook at the biggest Wok we have ever seen!


No pig fest is complete without a pig!


Ryan was very disturbed at the family resemblance!  LOL


Me with the pig… funny story here…

We were standing here and just after Ryan snapped this picture a hugely pregnant woman ran up to me and grabbed my arm… (she must have been a military wife since her husband had a buzz cut just like mine and of course they were obviously American) she screamed

“Oh my God!  They DO kill the pig first before they do that right?” 

I thought that she was joking so I laughed a little but she just stared at me in desperation for reassurance… I blurted..

“Of course they do…” 

She said in a bit quieter of a scream…

“Oh thank goodness!”

And ran off gagging with her husband following after making his apologies.

Why do the weirdos flock to me?  Someday I’ll have to tell all of you my women’s public restroom stories…  weirdos all I tell you!


This of course is Ryan with his enormous pig sandwich.  We got in line earlier in the day and bought this little token for €3.60 and then when they took the pig down and began carving it we got in line handed them our token and they handed us a slab of pig on a bun!


My pig sandwich after I removed half of it and put it on Ryan’s, it was quite tasty if not a bit disturbing after having images of THAT being done to a pig while it was alive, thanks to the hysterical woman from earlier.


 And what is a PigFest without a little Spaghetti Eis?  I promised I would have it again and take some pictures so here you are!  These are not quite as artful as the ones from Bitburg but you get the idea.  We got to watch them make it this time… They put the ice cream into this contraption that looks like it comes straight out of a Play Dough set.  Then they squeeze it out into a bowl and smother it in fresh strawberry sauce and grated white chocolate! YUM 


Well there you go, the annual Wittlich PigFest!

Next weekend we will be attending the annual Manderscheid Medieval Jousting Festival…  We can’t wait it sounds like so much fun…

Auf Wiedersehen!


Song for the day? Nothing Else Matters by Apocolyptica… really loving this group by the by…


15 thoughts on “PigFest

  1. Great pictures..It’s so pretty over there!! I can’t believe that woman ran up to you like that..To funny! I can’t wait to hear some stories about the restrooms..

  2. I’m probably too much of a typical processed food American to actually eat something I’d seen roasting whole on a spit…but interesting pig story anyway!  (hungry, anyone??)I LOVE the picture of the closeup of the building.  The way the sun lights the yellow and orange colors inspires me to paint.  Hmm…now, what is there to paint in Duncanville, Texas?  Not much, I’m afraid.  Especially now that the sun has sufficiently burnt away all the colors from the landscape and we just have a menagerie of dead, brown grass.  Sigh.  I miss Europe sometimes.  Wonderful post, though!

  3. Hahaha!  Love the weirdo.  🙂  I probably wouldnt have been able to eat the pig after having her ask that… i’m actually a little turned off after watching it cook, but love going to pig roasts… i’m weird like that.  Anyways, thanks for your comment on the ex… 🙂 things will get better for me, it’ll just take awhile i’m sure. ~hugs~

  4. You guys sound like you are having the best time in Germany! And the Spaghetti Eis looks SO good! Man, where can I get some of that here!?! Have fun at the jousting match, and ignore the pregnant lady, weird things happen when you’re pregnant, really weird things. -Michelle

  5. I meant to say this before but your spelling and grammer are just fine! A lot of the reason I wrote that about the other girl was just that she had decided to be a witch to me and I felt like giving the smack-down. For the most part I could care less about spelling and grammer, well, unless it’s so bad that I can’t understand what you’re trying to say. But you know I love you Courtney! -Michelle

  6. I showed my son the pictures of the building. I said this what a lot of the building look like over there. They are so beautiful. My son has been taking German for a few years. He even has music in German. He would like to go and visit there. Me and my huuby were there about 16 yrs ago. The pig looks yummy. My son saw the pic of the spagetti ice and said yummmm. Nice to hear from you again.

  7. your pictures are so great! 🙂 um…i definitely dont think i would of eaten that pig though! lol! i feel like i am sometimes the world’s pickest eater and i dont particularly like pork or sausage which isnt good since we’re in germany!! lol!!!! that ice cream looks fantastic though!!!! we’ve gotten ice cream here too and it’s sooooo good! we get strawberry cups and it has fresh strawberries in it, absolutely yummy! 🙂 i like those little cone chips too, hehe! thanks for the tip about the alarm clocks….i actually thought american digital clocks didnt work here at all (i read it somewhere online before we pcs’ed) so we just left ours at my dad’s house. we bought a 220v one here (elta brand…same as our fan & toaster oven!) and its in the 24 hour time format so we set it for 0600 and it’s been working up until yesterday! crazy thing! lol! 🙂 im glad you had a good experience ordering yarn through joann because i figured i would order yarn from there, i loved that store!! 🙂 have you found any places around here to buy yarn? does your BX carry any? the BX at Vogelweh has a craft section with yarn! not a huge selection though, but if you just need basic colors in the red heart brand they have that. also we went to this store in kaiserslautern called REAL, it was sort of like a mini mall type store and there was a bin with yarn for sale!!! again it wasnt alot but it was something. 🙂 i’ll probably just order from joann though, more of a selection! and who doesnt like getting a package in the mail! 😀 well hope youre having a nice day, i always enjoy your pictures! 🙂 i need to post some neat pictures of my own sometime! hehe 🙂

  8. Loving these pictures.  Thanks so much for sharing with all of us.  Can’t wait to see pictures from the jousting…..I just love stuff  like that.  Glad you are enjoying Germany and making the most of your time there.  God Bless. 

  9. i am so not down with hte pig sandwhich!  lol!  and that lady who thought they put it on there while alive had me laughing out loud to the point that my husband keeps asking me whats so funny.  lol!  cant wait to hear abou how you attract the wierdos!

  10. I’m hungry now. I don’t care that it is a whole pig on a spit. I’ll eat it! 🙂  But it does seem like you guys are having a wonderful time. Do the festivals ever end in Germany? Seems wonderful. One adventure after another. I am so happy for you.

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