Lazy days….

Guten Morgen Xangaland!

As I sit here the clock is chiming straight up noon and it’s 59 degrees here in the Land of Fairy Tales.  It is quite simply, beautiful…  This morning was, as most mornings are, rainy and foggy.  Now however the skies are filled with huge puffy white clouds… It’s windy here today too so the clouds are racing across the sky, we’ll get more rain this afternoon for sure.  One of the things I love about Germany is that the sky is the bluest blue… Back home in Phoenix the skies only come close to this after a hard rain in the winter, which is so very rare… 


Here is a view from my porch… it is so green right now… so bright.


And so with that I’m off to start working on a new project… my yarn has come in the mail and since I can’t have heat until October I have some blankets to make….

So without further ado… I’m off to have a lazy day with my boys.


Auf Wiedersehehn!



9 thoughts on “Lazy days….

  1. How lucky you are to live in the land of fairy tales. You should start writing some of your own. Lots of inspiration…
    What is next? The bathroom (not going to be so much fun), my bedroom, and a few odds and ends. We’ll finish the upstairs next spring so that we can have a rest. Oh, we also have to polish up the wooden floors all through the house. But I am excited. It is coming together and looking like my dream. It is such a small, very old house. Yet, it is perfectly me…a little old country cottage filled with antiques. I like it here. And it smells good!
    Have a wondeful day, Courtney. I’ll tell you soon about my tomatoes and Psalms 1: 1-3. Pretty goofy but fits so perfectly. God has to explain things to my brain in terms I can understand. With those verses, it happened to be through my tomato plants. What can I say? I’m a country girl!

  2. Fairy Tales sound nice…My boyfriend said all the doors in Germany are self locking.  That would pose a problem for me!!  I would always be losing my key.  Are they self-locking where you live?
    The sky looks lovely, and the red flowers make it divine.  Here in Texas everything is dried up and brown like…well, summer.  Haha.  I love autumn so much more.  Someday…

  3. Germany sounds like it has been treating you well.  Glad you are so happy there.  The pictures have all been so beautiful, thank for sharing.  Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. I always forget to ask you how you get your music on here! It looks like youre doing great. I love pictures. The picture of the clouds reminds me of the ones from the pool. I think the one thing I will miss once we PCS to san antonio, is the weather here. not so much the summer, which is similar to texas, (but not as humid) but the winter here is really nice. To see a little snow, which you will see a lot of! and to feel the cool wind and the beautiful heavy, dark clouds..not something I will see again for a while. I will miss it. But it sounds like youre doing good!!

  5. aww your pictures are so nice. 🙂 where did you order yarn from online? i’ve been debating about ordering some yarn from (because that was my fave store to shop at in AK! :)) but i have a TON of leftover yarn that i should really use up before i order some more, i guess. 😛 since my cell phone is a prepaid plan, the lady at TKS gave me a brochure that tells me how to activate the cards i have to buy to have minutes. in that brochure were also the prompts to check my voicemail…if you got your cell from TKS, i would go ask them if they have a brochure like that for your phone. sure is helpful! 🙂 also i don’t exactly know where the IKEA here, my husband’s co-workers said it is about 45 minutes away from here and he thinks they said it’s near Heidelberg. I am going next weekend with two of the girls from his shop so i’ll post more about it then! 🙂 hope you’re having a great weekend!!!

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