Guten Morgen Xangaland!

I have been working all day on my site and I have gotten so much done… sad that nothing I’ve done really shows… I’ve just been mostly working on code.  But I have fixed all my side links and updated many of them… I also added another section after the Military section called Our German Adventure.  It will have all of the picture posts and such from our stay here.  I also got a few new crochet blinkies!  Yay…. I love my blinkies… if you look close at them you will learn too many of my little secrets!  LOL

On that note I’m going to leave now… I have absolutely nothing interesting to write about today…. Nothing at all….  I have a Pampered Chef party tomorrow… even here in Germany. lol



Okay so I changed my mind I do have something a little bit interesting to write about!

Tonight for dinner I made Schnitzel Formosa


It tastes so much better than it looks I swear… Anyway it’s pork schnitzel topped in fresh asparagus and home made hollandaise sauce.. with rice pilaf… it was yum! 

Thank you Germany for my first recipe!

Oh and to answer the question I’m just attending the Pampered Chef party not hosting it… though I may host one soon…


I’ll leave you with a super goofy picture of Ryan.  He’ll love me for this!


Auf Wiedersehen!



10 thoughts on “

  1. adorable picture.
    I laughed too when he was like “LEAHHHH its a mesquito bite…” and started laughing at me, but staph is a FLESH eating way Im taking a chance on just thinking its a mesquito bite. I wanted a SURE THING. Not taking that chance with my little H.
    Are you still do blankets and stuff? I would like to order another…lol. I dunno if you do SPECIAL orders or whatnot…but when you get a chance, lets set up a time to chat on AIM, if you still have it. I miss our chats. 😦 But then again, Im sure shipping is A PAIN from Germany…lol!!!!!!!!!
    Love you…Im soo glad you are BACK and I get regular updates from you. I missed it. It makes my day 🙂

  2. Wow have fun at the party!  It took no time for you to make friends and get invited out 🙂  And that song on my site… just fits so perfectly some days *sigh* but i’ll get over everything soon 🙂

  3. Hmmmm….I’m not much of an asparagus fan…don’t think I would care for the recipe. But I do love rice pilaf! YUM!  Sounds like you are getting accustomed to your new surroundings very well. I got an invitation to a Tupperware party today. Man, that stuff has gotten expensive!! Oh well…I will probablya go anyways just cause I love the gal that’s having it. I love the Pampered Chef recipes.  Sorry I haven’t commented much. I have been reading but it takes FOREVER for your site to get pulled up on my dial up. I still love ya though!

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