Das täglich wiederkehrendes Abenteuer!


I forgot to mention that I’m feeling much better.  Thank you to all of you who kept me in your prayers.


Guten Morgen Xangaland!

Beware this is a HUGE picture post!

This weekend Ryan and I went to Trier, the oldest city in Germany.  It has been dated at over 2,000 years old.  The city is covered in Roman ruins.  They say every time they begin digging to put a building in they uncover more Roman ruins.  There is simply no way to describe the awe at knowing you are touching something that was built before the time of Christ!  It was an amazing day.

These are a few pictures of the homes along the streets of Trier as we drove in.

trier2  trier1

The town square and market.


The clock tower in the town square… the clock chimes (which is actually bells) and plays beautiful music every hour… isn’t that sky amazing?


The flower vender in the market.


The gilded fountain in the center of the square… Can you tell we’d already done a little shopping?


McDonald’s!  Can you believe it?  In case you can’t tell the McDonald’s is located in the building with the green roof.  See the signs in the second set of windows down?


Then we walked over to see the roman ruins that are situated just off the square.


The Two Towers! LOL

romanruinstower3  romanruinstower2  

We then walked a few blocks to the famous Trier cathedral… It was breathtaking.


The pictures can not possibly do it justice.


The inside of the cathedral has been preserved and though they do still hold services there it has become more of a tourist attraction…  It is one of those that allows cameras so I was able to take pictures of the interior.  I will admit that I did not expect to be affected by this place, beyond it’s beauty. The hush in this place was almost tangible and a quiet reverence permeates the air…. I found myself almost in tears many times… You can feel the history of this place when you walk through it… almost a weight of many years on the atmosphere that nothing in the states quite comes close to.   

The pillars throughout the church.

pillers  pillars2

The painted ceilings.


The ceilings and arches are pure art…  It simply takes my breath away.


The Prayer chapel.


The stained glass windows…



There is a second part of the cathedral… a sperate building that attaches through the prayer chapel, which you can see here.



When we entered this second part you could hear monks singing somewhere in the building… it was so incredibly beautiful.


These are the pipes for the pipe organ… The pipes run up the walls, I can’t even imagine how they must sound.


The ceilings.       


The alter.


I wish that I could take you all there with me… the pictures can not portray just what an experience this was for us…



After we finished in the city we stopped at an overlook to the valley Trier is located in.


This is a small hamlet off to the south of Trier.


The Mossel River.


Song of the day? Romance by Apocolyptica.

And so you have joined me for a tour of Das täglich wiederkehrendes Abenteuer! (an everyday adventure!)

Next weekend will be the Pigfest in Wittlich!  We can’t wait!

Auf Wiedersehen!



14 thoughts on “Das täglich wiederkehrendes Abenteuer!

  1. Oh my goodness, it’s all soooo beautiful! I love all of the pictures, but I think my favorites are the first few. My grandmother *loved* Germany and talked about it all the time. She had pictures of all of these beautiful villages and it reminded me of a storybook. I’m so glad ya’ll are enjoying yourselves!

  2. Wow-that church is absolutely beautiful. I bet it was awe-inspiring. Thank you for the pictures! That’s much better than just telling us about it-at least we get to see the pics!

  3. Oh wow Courtney,
    That is the most beautiful church I have ever seen! I am so glad you post pictures up of you guys and of what you see there because I love it! Its beautiful! Are you glad to see things like that? What am I asking? of course you are. you have so much appreciation of life and of nature and the things God put here for us to look at. Well it looks and sounds like you guys are doing great! I just broke Matt’s darn white out thing. oops. gosh…I was trying to fix it, not break it. I hope to talk to you soon!!! Love ya!

  4. This is kind of like the one time you were in San Antonio and we are stuck here too! Boooo. We will meet in person one day, I dont know when, but I know it will happen God willing. I cant wait to go shopping for the ring and to go on a honeymoon. I think its going to be so much fun but im trying to convince matt not to gamble too much money. he is being  a little terd about it. I think its going to be fun to be there again since it was a few years ago when I was last there and to plan the whole thing too. ahhh. Josh is crying, I will get back to you soon!!!

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