Guten Tag Xangaland!

This may be way too much information……. sorry if it is…

So I woke up this morning and noticed that I had to pee…. a lot…. every 20 minutes…. no matter what I drank…

Then about two hours ago I started to feel a little pain…

Having the history I do with this kind of thing I grabbed my purse and went straight to the ER….

After an hour and a half of tests… (my urine was so diluted from all the water I drank that they had to do blood tests and cultures…)

They determined that not only do I have a UTI but it’s already backed up into a bladder infection….

Lovely… so much for catching it fast!

Just waiting for the meds to kick in!

So I’ll see you all tomorrow…




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  1. I used to get bladder infections a lot. They are incredibly painful…so I understand and send you my sympathies. Other women in the family started to give me important tips on how not to get an infection. I would share them, but THAT would be too much information!  🙂

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