Guten Morgen Xangaland!

You know you are in Germany when the cows say…


Instead of moo…

It’s so funny how it never even occurred to me that little things like that would be different… I thought cows worldwide said MOO…  LOL 


On another note entirely… I made a slide show of Ryan and my first month in Germany… July 8th through August 8th… can you believe it’s been a month already? 


 Auf Wiedersehen!



8 thoughts on “MUH COWS?

  1. That is funny about the cows.  I’m sure if your family gets to see your xanga that seeing all the pictures and updates help them to feel like they aren’t so far away. What a beautiful place you are in.

  2. “Muh”  that is SO funny!!!!
    Thanks–I really want the house too.  Hubby and I talked about it at length last night and he gave me the go ahead to set up a meeting with a loan officer at a bank and then to get another appt. with the realtor!!  We might just make a contingency offer (contingent upon us getting the loan) so that no one can steal the house out from under us.  I’m SO excited!  I really don’t like where I’m living now–I can’t want to make a HOME!

  3. I would think that cows worldwide said moo. How amazing that they don’t…but very strange indeed. It is another rainy day here, so I am very happy. I think that later I will break out my silver tea set and have tea by myself while watching the one side of Gone With The Wind that will play on the DVD player. So…after Atlanta burns, I’m finished.  😦  All well. Sounds like a good afternoon to me. Wash sheets and towels, tea, Scarlett’s drama, and thunder in the distance. Hope your day is well. I’ll email you later with my Mom’s clock details.

  4. Wow really can’t believe its been a month already!  Thanks for your comment 🙂  Things I guess were a miss-understanding w/him (in the previous post) but i still feel blah about it all now.  So we’ll see 🙂  ~hugs~

  5. woohoo I heard from you! hehe. Well it looks like you are having a great time in Germany! I am glad to see it and for the pictures! you both just look so great and happy! What was I going to say? Oh! The walks are helping a lot but with the weather tonight it doesnt look like we are going anywhere! It is pooring outside! BOOOOOO. Josh had a great day so far today! and I hope it continues, but only time will tell. Hopefully that byhis due date on saturday he will be much better. I hope to talk to you soon and I miss you!!

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