Guten Morgen Xangaland!


We had a lovely time last night!  When we arrived in Philippsheim we found out that the pizza parlor that Dirk and Nichole were going to take us to was closed for the evening due to an emergency appointment the owner had to go to.  They took us to a wonderful little Yugoslavian restaurant in Bitburg instead and I have to say it was delicious!  We had a wonderful time sitting and talking and just enjoying each others company…  We then walked down the block and went into a little ice cream parlor, they wanted us to try something.  Spaghetti ice cream! 

Oh wow!  You guys have to try this stuff if you ever get the chance… It’s vanilla ice cream squeezed out to look like spaghetti noodles (let me just stop and say that ice cream here tastes completely different because there are no preservatives or additives… it tastes just like home made stuff from a picnic.) On top of the ‘noodles’ is a thick layer of strawberry sauce toped off with crumbles of white chocolate which of course look like parmesan… YUMMY!

(Us playing before we left the house.)


Unfortunately I forgot to bring the camera in with us so I don’t have any pictures of dinner and dessert… but as we walked to the car we saw something we just couldn’t pass up… so we ran back to the car and got the camera.  Just look at this!

Until Ryan’s great grandfather went over to the states our last name didn’t have an e on the end so it was Laub… looks like we found family!  LOL  I have to tell you it is surreal to be walking through a town halfway across the world and see your name!

 100_1892   100_1891

We then took the opportunity to walk through the French Cocearn since we got back early…  We got some pictures for you.

This is the monument outside of the post office.


Me outside of the post office.


The front door of the post office… Aren’t the rooflines just charming?


Ryan hugging a tree in front of another building…


Thundercats HO!  lol 


This is Ryan’s office building… His office is the second set of windows down first and second windows from the right.


 Another random building… Many of these are empty since most of the operations have been moved over to Spangdahlem… They say these are used to do haunted houses in the fall…


 Getting ready to go out for the evening.


We did have such a good time… This place is just so fascinating… I can’t wait to go on our next adventure… whenever that may be. 

Auf Wiedersehen!


 Look at our baby blues! lol 





12 thoughts on “

  1. You made me hungry!! I love the buildings. What a place for a writer! You should be able to do quite a bit of that over there…such inspiration and God doing so much in the two of you over there…
    You can tell that God has His hand in things. Every picture you put up, there is a huge smile on your face that shows in your eyes. Keep hold of all the promises that He’s handed you and trust in Him. I think Germany is going to bring you much needed peace in all things.
    Oh! I like Isabella too, but each week Roger loves something different. Right now, he is really liking Lucy. I think it is growing on me too. I always hated that name growing up…but it is the meaning that has me.

  2. oh man Courtney, that dessert sounds wonderful! I’m a big ice cream fan so I know I would love the ice cream over there! It is so beautiful over there…I’m so excited that you are getting to experience so many neat things!

  3. You two look amazing! God, you just shine in your photos and you look so happy! and it looks beautiful in Germany. I hate that I havent been able to really talk to you but I know that youre busy and eventually when things calm down we can catch up with one another. It looks like when Matt deploys he will have a bonus and a duty station option and we are going to try for Fort Sam, Fort Hood and Italy. If we dont get Fort Sam, we will hopefully get Fort Hood. I am keeping my fingers crossed since that will be our last move before we move back home to stay for good. I have to admit, I wouldnt mind living in Italy for a year though. How beautiful would that be? And how many times can you say you did that for free? lol. We will see. I hope you are doing well!!! I have a doctors appointment on the 21st to check up and I am supposed to tell them how I am feeling and hopefully they can diagnos me and work on fixing the problem. I just need to be around people or be more busy and not just around the baby all the time. I have to clean, but I will get back to you again. Take care and ill talk to you soon!!!

  4. Oh wonderful!  You are going to be soooooooo glad that you kept this blog up years from now!  What an adventure your are having!  And thank you so much for sharing it with us.  Speghetti Ice Cream sounds like such fun! RYC:  You’re so right, best she found out now instead of down the road. . .that way no broken hearts!~K.K.

  5. ok i’m gonna try to look at the pictures else where. my wireless wont stay connected to download them on your page grr! anyways. now i think i want to live in germany since the food has no chemical crap in it! lol. i’m kinda jealous cuz it looks so AWESOME there, geez! it’s like a vacation but u get to live it all year! hehe

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