Well the pizza place ended up being closed for an appointment so they took us to a Yugoslavian place in Bitburg and then to have ice cream… yum spaghetti ice cream…. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow and I have some pictures!



I will be around to visit later… I have to get ready to go already… my this day has gone fast!  And to answer your question yes the couches are a weird material… lol.  The couch is a like a crushed velvet (it’s not but that’s the closest thing to this I can think of) and the double chaise is corduroy.



Guten Morgen Xangaland!

Our unaccompanied baggage arrived yesterday without a problem… Nothing was damaged (shocker I know) and we were able to unpack and put it all in it’s place in no time at all… Unfortunately most of it went straight to storage since none of it was really of use to us now…

On that note, I had mentioned that we had already bought a couch in my last post and I’ve had few people ask what kind we got… well we got lucky.  We actually got two which were on sale big time and very reasonably priced to begin with.  They both happen to be tolerable to my tastes and now I’m actually quite attached.  I can’t wait to get all of my things here and decorate around them and when I do there will definitely be pictures of the finished product but for now here are a few pictures of things as there are now.

This picture is the little breakfast bar… we got two chairs so we can sit and eat together..


Here is a picture of the couch… it is a double recliner and quite comfortable just ask Ryan!


Here is a picture of my kiwi green double chaise lounge… shocking I know but so comfortable and it WILL look good once I make a few throws with both colors and get my stuff here… Bright I know but I can’t paint the walls so….


Here is a picture of them together.


I also realized that I have never posted pictures of our little patio… and since I have absolutely no idea how long the good weather will last I figured I should take some pictures now.  This first picture is of my flower boxes.


Here are my patio chairs and my wall art flowers… I have no idea what these things are but they are extremely popular here.  Everyone has them!


Here is a picture of my window sill and box.  The lovely stained glass Air Force symbol was a goodbye gift from my Mom and Dad.  Isn’t it amazing?!


Here is a view of it from inside with the sun coming through… so beautiful.


Tonight we have a dinner date with Dirk and Nichole, the owners of the hotel we stayed in when we first came here.  We went to see them a few days ago and they asked us to come with them to Trier tonight for pizza… Apparently there is a pizza parlor owned by a man they have known for many years that is the best pizza in the Eiffel.  Who are we to complain?  I’ll let you know how it is… Until then…

Auf Wiedersehen!



7 thoughts on “

  1. I like the couch & Double Chair..I really like the colors & your patio I love that w/ the flowers and green chairs!!Pretty!!! It’s always great when you get such a great deal!

  2. Love the couch and chairs… but they look like they’re a weird material… are they?  You really know how to add color to an apartment where you can’t paint.  Wish I could have the guts to do that….

  3. I thought the couch looked like a chenelle of some kind (I didn’t spell that right). But I think that they look lovely and very comfortable. I like the colors. Deep red…one of my faovrites. And of course I love green, too!  🙂  I’m sure that your home is going to be so lovely and cozy that you’ll have a hard time leaving it when your time in Germany is over. The biggest thing, to me, about making a house cozy is the smells and cleanliness. I love making coffee in the morning for Roger so that house smells like coffee and the grounds in the trash can smell everytime you lift the lid. I also have these little chucks of apple cinnammon that you melt and burn all day that makes the whole house smell yummy. But these days, it is hard to keep things clean. Between the remodeling, the fat belly in my way, and a husband that has more junk than anyone person should be allowed….it gets hectic around here!!  🙂 I dream about my house being cozy again…
    Didn’t mean to ramble off like that. 🙂  Hope the rest of your things gets to you soon.

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