Guten Morgen Xangaland!


Ryan and I went out for a drive yesterday and toured the surrounding countryside.  Just to get the lay of the land a bit and we got a few pictures on the drive… of course all of the really beautiful sights passed without a picture because at 130klicks the German countryside passes rather quickly.  J 


This is a little hamlet in the country side.  Isn’t the patchwork quilt look awesome?




Thought you would like to see an autobahn road sign… we live just 30 kilometers beyond Trier…



It was such a beautiful day…



See told you we lived in farm land…



This is a church in the little hamlet just outside of Biturg where we live.



Just couldn’t resist this picture… what a beautiful day it was.




In other news…  We got a phone call on Thursday and our unaccompanied baggage is here.  They will be delivering it tomorrow morning… Of course all that’s in it are: the vacuum (we only have two small rugs) two camp chairs (we already bought a couch) a blow up bed (we already bought a bed) a suitcase of some more summer clothes (and it’s too cold now for summer clothes, at least for us!)  And of course some dishes and pots and pans (now those we need!)  It will be welcome to have a few of our own things here in this house though.


Now we are just waiting for our car and our household goods to get here!  I can’t wait for those.  Even though we have a loaner car we can’t travel much.  The car we have been loaned is old and a bit rickety so we’re afraid to really travel, once our car gets here our only limit is our pocketbook!  I can’t wait for the household goods so that I can nest and make this place a home!


The weather has been beautiful if not extremely cold!  It hasn’t gotten above 65 degrees for over a week now and it has been rainy and foggy, which for us is simply beautiful, but very cold.  And of course we have no warm clothes with us because it is the middle of summer and they aren’t selling winter clothes here in August either… and the companies online who DO sell winter clothes right now DON’T ship overseas!  LOL So we are cold!!!  But we are loving it.


Well there really isn’t too much else going on around here.  So without further ado….


Auf Wiedersehen!




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  1. Hi! Thanks for the comment! 🙂 That is so cool that you crochet too, I love it!!! I just learned a few months ago and I’m still learning but it’s so much fun! I also knit too but I only know the basic stitches & I’ve only made one scarf. I like to crochet more! :)I’m glad your unaccompanied baggage made it here! Now the rest of your stuff needs to hurry up!! 🙂 Our car got here about a week and a half before out household goods and it was so good to see it!!!! We were walking everywhere until it got here and of course thats when there was that heat wave and I was just a sweaty mess, haha. I’m sorry that you can’t find any warm clothes to buy, that sucks! We came from Alaska so all we really had was warm clothes, LOL! Check out this website: It has SO much information about Germany/living overseas and you can even do a search for stores that ship to APO boxes. Hope that helps out a little bit! 🙂

  2. How beautiful! I’m so jealous…I’ve always wanted to go to Europe and tour the countryside. It’s so gorgeous in pictures! I hope your stuff arrives really soon. You don’t really feel at home until you have those things, do you? (((Hugs)))

  3. man it is incredibly beautiful there!! sorry you guys are freezing! lol that does kinda suck, but with that view i’d be just fine too! =) sorry i haven’t been around much. my work blocked xanga and myspace, and when im home i dont get online that much to hang out. anywho, glad u guys are doing great!

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