Guten Morgen Xangaland!

I’m so excited!  We got the most wonderful phone call this morning! 

Our household goods have arrived and they have an opening to deliver them tomorrow!!! 

I’m so excited!  In just a few days time this place should actually feel a little more like home, it will be some much easier to cook with all of my kitchen tools here (just imagine real knives! Do you know how hard it is to cut a tomato with a butter knife?) Our TV and our Xbox!!!  (so sad that’s one of the things we have REALLY missed! lol) Books and book shelves, clothes (some sweaters, not many as I’m coming from Phoenix but some at least!) Oh and the motorcycle!!!  I’m just so excited.

So they are supposed to be here between 8am and 5pm tomorrow.  Here’s to hoping not much damage occurred on the trip over.  I’ll let you know how everything goes as soon as I get a chance.  You may not hear from me for a few days though but there will be pictures!

Auf Wiedersehen!


Update from the Eifel

Guten Tag Xangaland!

I know it has been awhile since I have done an update.  It has been quite a busy week here in the Eifel.  So I decided to do a random picture update.

First and foremost, we got our car!  Though we have been very lucky to have a loaner while we have been here it is so very nice to have my own car here at last! 


It came in clean as a whistle with not so much as a ding and we are very pleased.  The only thing that as annoying is that we had to drill holes in the bumper to put on a front licence plate.  However, it’s a small price to pay to have our own car here.  It’s funny how much I missed it, can you tell? 

We can’t wait to take our first road trip in it.  We may do that this weekend as it is a four day weekend.  We are considering going to Koln.  We shall see though.  We ended up not going to the Manderscheid jousting fest this past weekend.  Quite honestly we ran out of money.  Everything here is extremely expensive and on top of that the Air Force changed a few policies which caused us to make a $1000 dollar payment out of pocket with our last paycheck that may or may not be reimbursed.  So we decided to wait until next year and see it in style!

Ryan is doing really well in his new job.  He is enjoying the work and is really getting into the swing of things.  Things are about to get very busy for him though, as we are approaching the end of fiscal year.  I have been told by some of the other wives to expect him to not be home sooner than 10pm every night as we near the end of September!  He says that he is enjoying working in the office although it is very different from working in a shop.  He does miss the mechanical work from time to time but is excited about the opportunities that are opening up for him in this career field.  He should actually begin classes to finish off a double associates degree and then start on his bachelors degree in the spring. 


The boys are doing well here.  They are starting to get the hang of this walking five times a day thing.  It’s been a bit of a battle since they have been raised with free access to a yard but we’re all getting the hang of it.  (Ask me how well it’s going when we are battling snow and sleet to walk them… these are Arizona dogs who will, quite frankly, refuse to poop in the rain.  We are going to have trouble I’m sure!)  But all in all I think they are adjusting well and are happy. 


Yoda is doing really well though I think that I may be forced to make a few sweaters and booties for him when the snow and sleet start coming in.  He leans up against the building to get out of the rain!  He is enjoying having material furniture again, since for the last few years all that we have had is leather!  He is as much daddy’s boy as ever of course.  I’m in the process of trying to find a groomer for him though.  You would think that it would be relatively simple to find someone who did a basic schnauzer cut in Germany but alas no such luck yet!  This has become a common site around here.


 Just look at this face!  Hmmm he is getting a bit scruffy.  Luckily we had him cut very short before we left Phoenix because of the heat so I have some time but  maybe I should trim the hair around his face in the meantime.  I’m sure that he would probably like to see! 


Gandalf is doing much better now!  We had some trouble at first with him getting up on the furniture when we left the house but the problem is now solved!  We should have known what the problem was in the first place.  We should have remembered that his favorite thing in the whole house was our family room rug!  As soon as we got a rug for the floor here he settled right down and is now happy as a clam!  Here is a picture of him and Ryan right after a rousing game of tug of war.  He decided he was done and flopped down and Ryan joined him.  They were so cute!!!


 I’m trying to think of what else I can tell you all… Oh I know!  The building across the way from us has been condemned. You will never believe how they have decided to tear it down either!  They are going to use it for training for our fire department, that’s right they are going to burn it down.  We got a notice on our door the other day to expect heavy smoke and ash.  But no worry the fire department would be on hand.  I won’t lie I’m a bit nervous.  The building is very close by just see for yourselves….


 But you better believe that I will get pictures and maybe video if there is anything worth seeing!  We have a good view of the building from our porch!

Speaking of the porch, my mom and dad have requested pictures of my flower boxes.  They have grown quite a bit since I put them in a month ago.  I must admit that it’s weird for me to have anything grow in a flower box since back home you can’t keep them alive even if you water them every day since the water evaporates so quickly.  But these are flourishing!


 This picture is for my mom.  Mom, see that variegated plant in the middle?  That’s swedish ivy!  It is everywhere around here.  It is extremely quick growing with little white flowers and a wonderful spicy smell.


 Here is a front view of the rest of my boxes, and of the yard in front of our apartment building. 


Behind that weeping willow tree is our trash building and then beyond that is a field with horses in it!  Gandalf is enjoying watching them and just a few days ago had his first close encounter.  One of the horses came close to the fence and he barked at it, the horse came closer, curious about this weird barking horse!  Gandalf, my protector, freaked out and hid behind me.  So much for my brave boy!  But of course that didn’t stop him from barking like mad at a bull that came runing at the one wire that was the only fence between him and us… that was a scary few moment!

 In other news I’ve been crocheting like crazy.  Here is our very first blanket!  LOL It’s the truth… in the four years I’ve been doing this and out of the 50 odd blankets I’ve made this is the only the second thing that will call my home it’s home. 


 I’m doing really well here too.  Just spending most of my time updating all of you, crocheting, walking, exploring, and learning how to cook some of this fabulous food.  I can’t wait for our things to get here so I can begin getting my house in order and making it really home.  I will be making an appointment soon to talk to my doctor about starting up my infertility treatments again soon.  I’ll let you know how that goes as soon as I have some news.

Well I think that’s about it, a nice random post to update you on the day to day happenings of our life in the land of fairy tales!  Hopefully we’ll be able to go out and about this weekend and have some interesting pictures and stories for you.  For now I’ll leave you with a picture of my little family.


Auf Wiedersehen!


The Letter


I’m leaving this up for one more day as it is the last day of the challenge… not much going on around here anyway.  We have a house warming party to attend this evening so I better get cooking.



Guten Morgen Xangaland!

Today I have a writing challenge for the Kween_of_Queens website. Please go HERE if you desire to read more entries similar to this one.


Here is the challenge:

Writing a letter to your younger self.

What would you say to your younger self? What advice would you give? Would you offer tips for changing a certain situation?


My Dearest Courtney,

I have been given the most peculiar opportunity to write you this letter. To speak to you of your future, of things to come. There are so many things that I could tell you. What financial decisions will harm you and which will save you, where you will end up in life, who will remain your friend years from now, the man who will win your heart, alas so many things. Yet I find that I can not tell you these things however.

I know you well enough to know that right now you are very angry with me for making this decision, for wasting this opportunity. Perhaps you will grant me a little time to explain myself.

I’m afraid that if I tell you which financial decisions to make or to not make you will not learn the lessons that have made you strong. If I tell you where you will end up you would not believe me and in any case I know you well enough to know that you may take regrettable steps to prevent it. I’m afraid that if I tell you who will remain your friend you will shun all others and miss the experiences that the people who flit in and out of your life in the years to come will provide. I’m afraid that if I tell you who will win your heart you will lose some precious memories and some of the moments of mystery that will sparkle in the dark times to come.

Oh yes there will be dark times and I could warn you of those too but alas, I can not in good conscious do so for only in darkness can you truly see light. I would not have you miss that.

I will tell you to never loss your faith for it will see you through. The God you believe in so fervently now will not abandon you even in the moments when you feel He has, let me assure you that He is there waiting for you to turn back into His arms and trust Him. Let yourself trust Him, Courtney.

Always be courageous. There will be so many times that you feel the weight of the world upon your small shoulders and feel the urge to give up, to retreat. Let me entrust you with the knowledge that though there will always be a load on your shoulders they do get bigger! Battles will rage around you and within you, revel in them and fight them with all of your might, never back down.

I know that in your heart you long for things to happen quickly. You are a warrior, a fighter, a girl of action. I know that the long pauses between these things seem as if they will drive you mad. I know that you ache for certain things in your life… you still do even now as I sit here so carefully composing this missive to you. I know with the most intimate knowledge that there is one thing lacking in your character that you will need. Patience. I also know that as you read this you will brush that away and treat it as every other warning to have this elusive, to us at least, quality. I will not try to dissuade you only to persuade you to let it come back to you on occasion. Whenever there are moments of great tribulation, or of anger, or of heartache, think of this word and all that it entails, Courtney. Try to trust me that, in time, all things will come together for you. In time.

I will leave you with these words…

“Today was the happiest day of my life. As I walked down the aisle on my father’s arm I could see the tears coursing down his face just as they ran down mine. The love of my entire life waiting for me at the alter was so much more than I ever dreamed for myself. He laughed during our vows, he thought I had caught him looking down my dress. I’m afraid that in that one moment our whole life together has been summed up. But I can not force myself to care, I’m so happy!”

The first paragraph from your journal on the day of your wedding. I felt that you should have at least a small glimpse into your future. Happy times are ahead for you as well as tragic dark times. Soak up each moment Courtney. Each breath, each heartbeat, you will not be sorry.


Most sincerely,
An older and slightly wiser you. (I said wiser because I knew it would get your goat!)

PS Always listen to your father. He is always right, as much as that will annoy you it’s true. (Just so you know it still IS annoying!)



Song for the day? Beyond Time by Apocolyptica… not only is the music appropriate but the title! Who could ask for better for this assignment?



Guten Morgen Xangaland!

This weekend Ryan and I attended the annual PigFest is Wittlich…  It was a lot of fun… it’s kind of like a small town fair and luau all in one… we had a really good time.  Of course we got a few pictures.

This is the main square of Wittlich.


A close up of this building just for my mom.  Isn’t it gorgeous?


The clock tower.


Ryan and his boss MSgt Tuck standing in front of the midway.


Ryan made me take this picture… He thought you would all enjoy seeing this man cook at the biggest Wok we have ever seen!


No pig fest is complete without a pig!


Ryan was very disturbed at the family resemblance!  LOL


Me with the pig… funny story here…

We were standing here and just after Ryan snapped this picture a hugely pregnant woman ran up to me and grabbed my arm… (she must have been a military wife since her husband had a buzz cut just like mine and of course they were obviously American) she screamed

“Oh my God!  They DO kill the pig first before they do that right?” 

I thought that she was joking so I laughed a little but she just stared at me in desperation for reassurance… I blurted..

“Of course they do…” 

She said in a bit quieter of a scream…

“Oh thank goodness!”

And ran off gagging with her husband following after making his apologies.

Why do the weirdos flock to me?  Someday I’ll have to tell all of you my women’s public restroom stories…  weirdos all I tell you!


This of course is Ryan with his enormous pig sandwich.  We got in line earlier in the day and bought this little token for €3.60 and then when they took the pig down and began carving it we got in line handed them our token and they handed us a slab of pig on a bun!


My pig sandwich after I removed half of it and put it on Ryan’s, it was quite tasty if not a bit disturbing after having images of THAT being done to a pig while it was alive, thanks to the hysterical woman from earlier.


 And what is a PigFest without a little Spaghetti Eis?  I promised I would have it again and take some pictures so here you are!  These are not quite as artful as the ones from Bitburg but you get the idea.  We got to watch them make it this time… They put the ice cream into this contraption that looks like it comes straight out of a Play Dough set.  Then they squeeze it out into a bowl and smother it in fresh strawberry sauce and grated white chocolate! YUM 


Well there you go, the annual Wittlich PigFest!

Next weekend we will be attending the annual Manderscheid Medieval Jousting Festival…  We can’t wait it sounds like so much fun…

Auf Wiedersehen!


Song for the day? Nothing Else Matters by Apocolyptica… really loving this group by the by…

Lazy days….

Guten Morgen Xangaland!

As I sit here the clock is chiming straight up noon and it’s 59 degrees here in the Land of Fairy Tales.  It is quite simply, beautiful…  This morning was, as most mornings are, rainy and foggy.  Now however the skies are filled with huge puffy white clouds… It’s windy here today too so the clouds are racing across the sky, we’ll get more rain this afternoon for sure.  One of the things I love about Germany is that the sky is the bluest blue… Back home in Phoenix the skies only come close to this after a hard rain in the winter, which is so very rare… 


Here is a view from my porch… it is so green right now… so bright.


And so with that I’m off to start working on a new project… my yarn has come in the mail and since I can’t have heat until October I have some blankets to make….

So without further ado… I’m off to have a lazy day with my boys.


Auf Wiedersehehn!


 Guten Morgen Xangaland!

I have been working all day on my site and I have gotten so much done… sad that nothing I’ve done really shows… I’ve just been mostly working on code.  But I have fixed all my side links and updated many of them… I also added another section after the Military section called Our German Adventure.  It will have all of the picture posts and such from our stay here.  I also got a few new crochet blinkies!  Yay…. I love my blinkies… if you look close at them you will learn too many of my little secrets!  LOL

On that note I’m going to leave now… I have absolutely nothing interesting to write about today…. Nothing at all….  I have a Pampered Chef party tomorrow… even here in Germany. lol



Okay so I changed my mind I do have something a little bit interesting to write about!

Tonight for dinner I made Schnitzel Formosa


It tastes so much better than it looks I swear… Anyway it’s pork schnitzel topped in fresh asparagus and home made hollandaise sauce.. with rice pilaf… it was yum! 

Thank you Germany for my first recipe!

Oh and to answer the question I’m just attending the Pampered Chef party not hosting it… though I may host one soon…


I’ll leave you with a super goofy picture of Ryan.  He’ll love me for this!


Auf Wiedersehen!


Guten Morgen Xangaland!

Today I thought I would share one of my new passions with you!

Polish pottery!

I have five small pieces and will be collecting in this pattern until I have all of it… (Hey I have three years right?)  They have a whole tea set, cream and sugar servers, a milk pitcher, a napkin holder, baking dishes, a roaster, salt and pepper shakers, cookie jars, mixing bowls…oh I could go on and on!  LOL  And before you ask… they are oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe and all handmade and painted in Poland!

Here are the two cookie jars I have.


Here is my tea bag holder (the square one) and I don’t know what the other is yet but I’ll find a use.. no worries!  Oh and a wine that we bought just for the bottle!  It is a Mossul wine made right here in the Eifel and has a picture of the river right on the front…


And my very favorite, my butter dish.


Things have been going really well… Ryan is full blown into work and really enjoying it.  He is getting ready to start on his CDC’s and will soon be enrolling in college to finish off his two associates degrees. 

We are settling in nicely here and it’s already feeling a lot like home… although it’s freezing cold!  We are anxiously awaiting our household goods and our car all of which should be here by the end of the month…

The weather here is fabulous though chilly.  Our highest high in the last ten days was 70 degrees and it’s been raining off and on almost all week.  It’s getting down into the 40’s at night and it’s foggy every morning… pea soup fog, the kind you can taste!  We are really loving it! 

The only problem is that our house is in the mid 60’s all the windows are closed and we have no way of heating it up here at all.  (  I know I sound like a sissy but please keep in mind I’m from the desert! ) They don’t turn on the radiators until October 15th!!!  I’m going to be an icecicle by then!  So for now it’s coats inside the house double sock AND slippers and of course blankets!

Well until we meet again!

Auf Wiedersehen!


Das täglich wiederkehrendes Abenteuer!


I forgot to mention that I’m feeling much better.  Thank you to all of you who kept me in your prayers.


Guten Morgen Xangaland!

Beware this is a HUGE picture post!

This weekend Ryan and I went to Trier, the oldest city in Germany.  It has been dated at over 2,000 years old.  The city is covered in Roman ruins.  They say every time they begin digging to put a building in they uncover more Roman ruins.  There is simply no way to describe the awe at knowing you are touching something that was built before the time of Christ!  It was an amazing day.

These are a few pictures of the homes along the streets of Trier as we drove in.

trier2  trier1

The town square and market.


The clock tower in the town square… the clock chimes (which is actually bells) and plays beautiful music every hour… isn’t that sky amazing?


The flower vender in the market.


The gilded fountain in the center of the square… Can you tell we’d already done a little shopping?


McDonald’s!  Can you believe it?  In case you can’t tell the McDonald’s is located in the building with the green roof.  See the signs in the second set of windows down?


Then we walked over to see the roman ruins that are situated just off the square.


The Two Towers! LOL

romanruinstower3  romanruinstower2  

We then walked a few blocks to the famous Trier cathedral… It was breathtaking.


The pictures can not possibly do it justice.


The inside of the cathedral has been preserved and though they do still hold services there it has become more of a tourist attraction…  It is one of those that allows cameras so I was able to take pictures of the interior.  I will admit that I did not expect to be affected by this place, beyond it’s beauty. The hush in this place was almost tangible and a quiet reverence permeates the air…. I found myself almost in tears many times… You can feel the history of this place when you walk through it… almost a weight of many years on the atmosphere that nothing in the states quite comes close to.   

The pillars throughout the church.

pillers  pillars2

The painted ceilings.


The ceilings and arches are pure art…  It simply takes my breath away.


The Prayer chapel.


The stained glass windows…



There is a second part of the cathedral… a sperate building that attaches through the prayer chapel, which you can see here.



When we entered this second part you could hear monks singing somewhere in the building… it was so incredibly beautiful.


These are the pipes for the pipe organ… The pipes run up the walls, I can’t even imagine how they must sound.


The ceilings.       


The alter.


I wish that I could take you all there with me… the pictures can not portray just what an experience this was for us…



After we finished in the city we stopped at an overlook to the valley Trier is located in.


This is a small hamlet off to the south of Trier.


The Mossel River.


Song of the day? Romance by Apocolyptica.

And so you have joined me for a tour of Das täglich wiederkehrendes Abenteuer! (an everyday adventure!)

Next weekend will be the Pigfest in Wittlich!  We can’t wait!

Auf Wiedersehen!


Guten Tag Xangaland!

This may be way too much information……. sorry if it is…

So I woke up this morning and noticed that I had to pee…. a lot…. every 20 minutes…. no matter what I drank…

Then about two hours ago I started to feel a little pain…

Having the history I do with this kind of thing I grabbed my purse and went straight to the ER….

After an hour and a half of tests… (my urine was so diluted from all the water I drank that they had to do blood tests and cultures…)

They determined that not only do I have a UTI but it’s already backed up into a bladder infection….

Lovely… so much for catching it fast!

Just waiting for the meds to kick in!

So I’ll see you all tomorrow…



 Guten Morgen Xangaland!

Couldn’t help but share this with you…

I have some pictures to post of our trip today but I probably won’t be able to do so until Monday!

(I know it’s too small but the darn thing wouldn’t cooperate… just click to open it in a new window it’s very readable there.)


Enjoy your weekend!!