Guten Morgen Xangaland!

Willkommen to the Blooming Fields of Germany.


Here in the Eiffel (which is what the area we live in is called) there are little fields of flowers dotting the landscape.… Ryan and I finally stopped to see just what these fields are for and we got a wonderful surprise!


In this simple area of farmland fields of flowers are planted on the outskirts of the crops.… Small trailers are then set up with donation boxes. The idea is to bring your own shears and vase and cut your own flowers.


It was such a beautiful day… the perfect day to pick flowers…


The suggested donation is 50 Euro cents, which is about 62 cents… And for that you can pick a beautiful bouquet for your home….


Aren’t they just fabulous?


They get more beautiful with every day…


You can bet that I’ll be back to do this again and again… and if any of you visit during the spring and summer months there will be fresh cut flowers awaiting you!


Auf Wiedersehen!



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  1. Oh Courtney, they are gorgeous!  Going price for a bouquet like that here?  Somewhere between 9.99 and 15.99, depending on which store you’re in!  Your getting a great deal to keep fresh gorgeous blooms in your home!  And I love your blog about the black forest!  Wow! you’re having so many new and wonderful experiences!  They are something you’ll have for the rest of your life!  How wonderful!  I know you’re far from home, but you seem to be adjusting so well!  Do you love it there?  I just glad we get to come along with you on your explorations! 🙂 (P.S.. . .Worf?  Gee, you don’t seem scary or intimidating to me!)~K.K.

  2. Those flowers are so beautiful!  You are so lucky to be able to do that and for so cheap!  Just another perk of living in Germany.  Its good to see you’re adjusting pretty great.  ~hugs~

  3. Hey, I subscribed to you also, it will be nice to keep in touch! We arrived here on July 5th! We just got into our apartment on July 28th…our car got here on July 11th and our household goods got here on July 26th. We PCS’ed here from Alaska though and our stuff left AK on May 16th (household) and May 24th (car) so it took over two months to get it, ugh! It just worked out that we were on leave from May 30th-July 4th though, lol so we we didn’t have to get any loaner stuff here! So far we are loving it in Germany, it’s such a beautiful country and I’m just so happy to be here! 🙂 It was great to find your blog and read how excited you are too! 🙂

  4. Hello again, thanks for the comment! 🙂 I forgot to write that I like your pics of the flowers! We saw a flower patch like that like right outside the gate and I definitely want to go pick some flowers one of these days! 🙂 I bought a flower vase from the big Polish Pottery sale they had going on at the BX here and I’m dying to put some beautiful German flowers in them! 🙂 I’m so glad the weather has cooled off, I am actually loving the rain, haha! Well I hope you’re having a fun German day, talk to you later! 🙂

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