Ich fassen in Märchen!


…and so it is true… when someone tells you the weather is unpredictable they aren’t joking!  Yesterday it was 97 humid and still and today it’s 68 windy and storming… thunder and lighting…  yesterday I could not get cool and today I need a sweater… amazing…



     Guten Morgan Xangaland!

I can remember hearing stories when I was a little girl… stories of princesses and mermaids, of children lost in the woods and a girl locked in a tower who let a prince climb her hair to save her…

Who could have ever guessed that I would live in the land that inspired those tales that I heard as a child. Tales about a land so far away it never seemed it could be real. And yet here I sit in the middle of a forest that holds these tales within it.


I have to walk but a few hundred yards from my front door and I am engulfed in The Black Forest. When I walk into the tree line it is as if the very woods hold their breath… I have never heard such quite as there is here.


There is a magic here… a history you can feel surrounding you… You can almost believe in the tales that were born from this forest. There are paths that lead in and out of these trees shrouded in mist that does not burn off for the sun does not touch the ground here.


There are trees so old and twisted you could imagine them witnessing a small boy and girl walking through the forest dropping little white pebbles. There are stones that look as if they once were part of a castle that held a beast long forgotten… Paths that you can almost see Little Red Riding hood skipping down… or a wicked huntsman leading a small and beautiful girl to her death.  So many things from the imagination just outside my door


I invite you to come here and witness this magic with me. Come sit on a rock or a fallen log covered in moss and just listen. You can almost hear it… a voice softly calling from the next clearing, in which stands an old and long forgotten tower…

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel,
Let down thy hair to me.”


Ich fassen in Märchen! (I believe in Fairy-tales!)

Auf Wiedersehen.




12 thoughts on “Ich fassen in Märchen!

  1. Gosh it is werid you liveing over there where fairy tales come true! From your pictures it looks so pretty over there! I hope you have a great weekend!!!

  2. Hey sorry for not adding you to my protected and then with what happened to me this last week (on my site now) I wasn’t avoiding you. :p  I will add you when I head back to my site after visiting a few people first.  Its pretty blunt just so you know.  Deals with an ex and my relationship and then the most current ex.  I was pretty hurt when I wrote it…
    The forest looks beautiful.  I hope to one day see it! 🙂  ~hugs~

  3. M’Lady~
    There Has been a new challenge posted Come and check it out when you
    Have time… The challenge is Due August 6th so make sure you
    Check it out in time!!
    Have fun, have a great lovely day
     Your Royal Host~ Ms_BeautyExpert-Leslie
    ~Hugs And Love~

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