I recieved this in my Grace Mail this morning and thought I would share it with all of you…  What an amazing thought…


In years past when shipbuilders were planning on making a great ship they knew that the life of the crew and the safety of the cargo depended upon the ship’s mainmast.

To make the mainmast they would find a straight, tall tree on the top of a mountain near the coast. Then they would cut down all the other trees around it so that it would be exposed to the full force of the angry winds and mighty gusts that blow off the sea. After many years of exposure to such harshness the tree would become stronger and stronger, its very fiber being strengthened by the intense buffeting it was experiencing day after day. Finally after many testing storms, alone on the mountaintop, the tree was ready to be trusted to be used as the mainmast of a great ship.

Do you feel like that tree, –singled out and everything around you cut away? Maybe you thought you were being picked on or “judged” by God. Instead it might be that God has marked you out for a great purpose in His kingdom plan.


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  1. Very neat, deep thought. I love it. It’s the same thing w/ trials-you don’t understand them, but the godliest people I know had the hardest lives. Sometimes we just have to try and look at things from God’s point of view.

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