Guten Morgen (Good Morning) Xangaland!


I know that many of you have asked for us to send pictures on and honestly we’ve been so busy this past few weeks that we haven’t had much time to take any… but today I finished straightening up the apartment and thought that I should send you some pictures of our new home.


This first picture is the hallway when you first walk in the front door.  Immediately to the left is the bathroom and then the first door to the left you see is the guest room.  The door at the end of the hallway is the master and then the walkway to the right leads into the family room and kitchen.  The doors you see immediately to the right are two closets and a nick knack shelf.




This is the guest room, and as you can see the dogs room they especially like the foul loaner bed.  This will also be our office.




The master bedroom.




Here is the bathroom.  The shower is immediately left when you walk in.  See the shower head is on the wall instead of in the front… weird huh?




The other side of the bathroom, or the laundry room.  This place has tons of cabinets.




The sink and back into the shower.




The toilet and radiator.




The right side of the family room, it’s pretty good size and I love the floors.




the left side of the family room… note the cheap red sheets that will be burned when this stuff is gone!




My little patio.  I can’t wait to get one of those tall bistro tables with two chairs and put in some hanging baskets and window boxes and… and.. and… so many other things!  lol




A good picture of the how the window swings out… cool huh?




My kitchen from the family room… so many cabinets!




The kitchen bar which is great since we didn’t bring a table.




A long shot of the french cocern from out my bedroom window.  it’s beautiful and soon we’ll go down and take some good pics for you guys.




This is the building Ryan works in… He works in the second level down… the windows from the left are the men’s room and then the next two are Ryan’s break room… his office is across the hall from the break room… if I get a good set of binoculars I can check to make sure he’s not cheating on his diet! LOL




Well there you have it, a mini tour of our new home.  There will be many more pictures coming soon… Hope you all enjoyed these.  


Auf Wiedersehen!




13 thoughts on “

  1. What a great place!  You are blessed!  God is definitely taking care of you!  Can’t wait to for you to be able to burn those sheets and return that furniture!    Take care.

  2. Everything looks great! The kitchen reminds me of the stuff I saw at IKEA last time I was there….so much storage space, which is awesome!
    RYC: Feeling good, only two months to go! Can you believe it? (((Hugs)))

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with us! It looks great! I know that you can’t wait to get your own stuff and get that place decorating. It’s just like a blank canvas for you to create something wonderful on! I know it will look great when you add your own little touches. Keep us posted! OH, pray for my dad…he has cancer and it’s pretty advanced..Thanks so much!

  4. Hey..Thanks for the pictures!! Your apt is so cute!! The kitchen is nice and the living room and everything else..Seems to have a lot of room too!! Glad to see some pictures!! Have a good weekend!

  5. Wonderful pictures…NOW I think you need to put these pictures next to the ones with your own things in there and we can see your decorating!! It’s a beautiful place!

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