Guten Tag Xangaland, from the land of fairytales!

I have missed you all so very much. But… I’M BACK!! We are in the house and have the internet hooked up so even though we are living with minimal furniture and just about everything else the important things are taken care of! LOL

We are all moved into the house now and are just settling in. It is so much nicer than I was led to believe, even if it is just an apartment. It is about 1100 square feet and has tile and hardwood floors which are just beautiful. The kitchen and bathroom in this place are bigger than any I have had in any house so that makes up for what it lacks a little. We have the loaner furniture in and I don’t think I can stress enough just how anxious I am for mine to get here! I don’t think this furniture has been cleaned once in the 20 odd years it’s been going from family to family for a few months a pop. The couch and chairs are a hideous velvety material that is all plastered down with various unidentified body fluids… shudder… the chairs smell strongly of cat pee and the couch has huge body grease stains along the arms and back… the bed is… there are no words… um yes there are… how about these… they delivered the bed at 11 am on Tuesday and by 3pm on Tuesday we had gone to all the stores on base and found one that had a queen in stock, bought it, borrowed the GOV to get it home, carried it with no help up the five flights of stairs to our apartment, and set it up. How ‘bout them words? The good news is that Ryan called TMO today and they said the boat is ahead of schedule and our stuff should be here sometime in the next two weeks, the car too. I’ll believe it when I see it but it’s nice to have a little hope.

Speaking of the car, one of the airmen in Ryan’s office has loaned us his junker car for the remainder of our wait… so we are mobile which is just wonderful. Of course if he needs it back for anything he has first dibs… but it’s nice to know that we can explore a little and get a forgotten item at the commissary or BX without walking two miles!

Okay back to the apartment. There are so many subtle differences in the way the houses are built here but so far there aren’t any that we don’t enjoy. For instance the showers have the spray nozzle on the side wall instead of one of the ends… it’s weird to get used to but I quickly realized it’s much more efficient and you have a lot more room. Another difference is the windows. The swing open wide or you can tilt them in from the top but they don’t slide… it actually helps with circulation and you can keep them open in the rain. They also have a window shutter that you can raise and lower from inside called a black out shutter. They have them because in the summer it is light here until about 10:30pm.

Speaking of the strange lighting… In one of our classes a lady asked if any of us knew just how far north we were. She pulled out a map and showed us some parallels. Let’s just say the bottom of Italy’s boot is the same parallel as the southern border of Canada!!! That puts us just a hair below Alaska!!! Right now in the summer it gets light at about 5am and gets dark at about 10:30pm and we have been told that in the dead of winter it doesn’t get light until about 10am and it gets dark by about 3:30pm. That is going to take some getting used to!

You are not going to believe what I’m about to do! I, a Phoenix born and raised desert rat, am going to complain about the weather! IT IS HOT!!! They are having the second hottest summer in 100 years. I know the yahoo weather tracker has been saying mid 80’s but it’s a lie. It has been in the low to mid 90’s for almost two weeks and the humidity has been in the 70%’s. I know that sounds hot but not unbearable and you’re probably wondering why I’m complaining but keep this in mind… This area had no air conditioning and I live on the third floor of the building. And though there is usually a breeze there hasn’t been one since we got here and as result there has also been a drought. In the 12 days we have been here it has only rained one time. So it is hot and sticky… Ryan and I have been taking two showers a day each, minimum. Okay I’m done complaining… LOL

Ryan is settling into his office nicely. He has already made a few friends there and to be honest so have I! The people are really great. He is enjoying the work and the feeling of belonging somewhere again. He also loves the area he works in. It’s called the French Cocern. It was built during WWII by the Luxemburg military and then was occupied by the French a few years into the war until it was over. The area is all cobblestone streets and old stone buildings… it’s beautiful and I can see it out my window since we are about half a block from Ryan’s office. That is also where our post office and library are located.

Well that’s pretty much it for now… I better go and get around to see all of you… it will probably take me a few days to get all caught up but I am coming around and visiting… Missing you, hope you are all doing well…

Auf Wiedersehen!


Song for awhile? Bach because he’s from Germany and classical just seemed to go…

And the picture on my banner is of Neuschwanstein castle here in Germany. It was built by King Ludwig II, “The Fairytale King” who bankrupt his country doing so. It is the castle that Cinderella’s castle was modeled after!


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  1. Hi Courtney! Everything sounds sooo cool! (well except for the furniture, because yeah…eww!) I’m so glad ya’ll are getting settled in and everything is going well. The weather there sounds about like what it is here…but that’s typical for us. (((Hugs)))

  2. i was going to say the same thing gini said!  and no a/c?  wow!  thats tough.  when do your dogs arrive?  or do you already have them?  glad you are adjusting nicely.  i make my move to Albuquerque next saturday.  i am to excited to be sad right now.enjoy your day and welcome back.

  3. Man! Do they sell Febreze over there? It sounds like you need some! 😉 You should just get a couch cover and then you could cover the chairs with blankets or something. At least that way you won’t be sitting on the cat pee!! I’m glad you’re back! We’ve missed you and I prayed for your safe journey. Hope you get your stuff soon! 🙂

  4. Good, because I need your address as well. I have to send you my end of the “tea promise”. I’ve been putting some thought into it and I have a lovely idea (I think). Though, I think this promise will be much harder to fullfill with a gigantic ocean to cross.  All in God’s timing.
    You are still in my prayers. Not yesterday though.  😉 I was sick.

  5. Good to hear from you again! Glad you are over there and in the process of getting settled!!Can’t wait to see pictures!! I know it’s prolly such a big difference!! You really dont have any catching up to do with me..My b-day is tomorrow and that’ the only thing that has really happended since you read last!! LOL BORING LIFE! I Know!

  6. Glad you arrived safely and your apt. is everything you wanted and more!!  How long do you guys have to stay there?

  7. Very nice pictures. I bet it’s interesting…all the new things you are experiencing!! Yes, we are possibley moving to Ozark Missouri. Sterling is starting a job there soon and we will move…in 2007 when Kelsie graduates from High School. It’s so exciting!! I can’t imagine how OVERWHELMED you have probably felt with moving out of the country!!  We are excited though. Take care and it is so great to have you back!!

  8. Yet another tag. Tag everyone who has commented on this post.—–If you comment on this post (saying anything at all):1. I’ll respond with something random about you–You are inspiring.
    2. I’ll challenge you to try something–Write about the happiest day of your life. . 3. I’ll pick a color that I associate with you–yellow-sunshine 4. I’ll tell you something I like about you-You are a very loving and Godly women. 5. I’ll tell you my clearest memory of you–You talking about your dogs. 6.I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of–fox 7. I’ll ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask you–How long have you known the Lord? 8. If I do this for you, you must post this on yours
    Where in Germany are you?

  9. Wow!  Your “Apartment” is nearly as big as my house square footage of my house?  1201!  And there are houses in this track that are 1100 sq. ft!  So know that youre living in an apartment that is really house size for a lot of folks here in CA!  It sounds wonderful!  I’m so glad youre making friends and enjoying the country. . .what an adventure you’ve begun!  I’m looking forward to reading more, more , more!  And pictures. . .we need pictures over here! 🙂  Hugs honey! ~K.K.

  10. Wow, it had been several months since I had read your blog! So glad you all made it to Germany safely, and that things are going well! One of my best friends’ little sister’s is in Germany right now visiting her boyfriend!

  11. OH COURTNEY…Im so glad you are back. Ive missed you terribly….
    you and Ryan have been in my prayers, and thoughts these past few months.

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