Goodbye (for a little while) Xangaland! 

I have a few short minutes to say hello… as I’m sure you all know I’m back from Texas and Ryan graduated!  I had hoped for a little time before things went nuts to catch up with all of you but alas no luck.  Here is my schedule for my remaining time in the land of Perpetual sunshine (also known as Phoenix, AZ)

JUN 26 MON: Move every single thing that I own in this world all of it into my parents garage and separate into three piles….  Unaccompanied baggage, household goods, and non temporary storage.

JUN 27 TUESFriday’s movers come to check what we have.  Finish what didn’t get done, outprocess from squadron on base, dinner with my aunt Sue and family to tell her all the last minute things she might need to know while we’re gone and teach her how to clean my enormous fish tank that she is graciously caring for in my stead.

JUN 28 WEDUnaccompanied baggage pick up… Oops now it’s germany today so… Household goods pick up… (this includes Ryan’s bike so as of here we are down to one vehicle) Ride with mom and dad…

JUN 29 THURUnaccompanied baggage pick up… Dinner with Jimmy and Francine and Ryan’s parents…

JUN 30 FRINon temporary storage pick up and Vet appointment for both dogs at 11:45am  Also have to call and confirm the dog reservations on this day…

JUL 1 SATDogs groomed and car cleaned (Maybe get in some time with family.)

JUL 2 SUNGo out to Emily’s house for lunch and then on to Prescott for one night with Matt and Debbie before we leave.

JUL 3 MONLeave Prescott come home and pack… movie with our parents… superman!!!!!!

JUL 4 TUESDinner with just Ryan’s family and mine so the sibling have a chance to say goodbye since this will be the last time we see them.

JUL 5 WEDFinal out from base, finish packing.

JUL 6 THURLeave at 5am for LA… arrive at noon, check into hotel, get car detailed and turn it into the docks by 2pm….

JUL 7 FRIDrop the dogs off at the facility at 5:30am go directly to the airport and fly out at 8:11am

JUL 8 SAT: Arrive in Frankfurt Germany.

As you can see I won’t have any time to visit and for that I am deeply sorry… I have missed you all so much and I know I have missed so much of your lives…. and you mine… there is so much to tell so many pictures to share but soon…. only ten days until there will be nothing for me to do but this. 

Miss you all…




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  1. I have missed you!! Sounds like it’s coming down to the time now! You must be so excited but yet so overwhelmed. I hope your trip is easy and safe. I can’t wait to hear from you and know that you are settled ok overseas. Love ya!!

  2. You are so busy! Gosh I can’t believe it’s almost moveing time..It seems like you just found out yesterday!! Good Luck with everything you have left to do..Can’t wait till you are back!

  3. Oh gosh, time has been going by so quickly! I’ll be out of town when you leave so I guess this is our “temporary goodbye”….
    Courtney, I think of you and Ryan often. I just know deep in my heart that this is going to be such a wonderful experience and blessing for you. I am so excited for you, and of course…feeling selfish because I know you’ll be off experiencing Europe and I’ll miss having you “close” by. But, this part of the journey is just beginning for you guys and I know it’s just going to be amazing. Many prayers, hugs, and well-wishes to both of you. Keep in touch, have a safe trip and come back to us as soon as humanly possible!
    Much love…Gini and family~

  4. Good luck to both of you.  What an amazing adventure this will be.  I will be looking forward to your posts from Germany.  Take care and be safe.  God Bless you both. 

  5. Blessings on all that you have to do and on your move! I’ve missed reading your blogs and am looking forward to hearing from you when you get settled in Germany. My prayers go with you and Ryan as you start another chapter in your life!

  6. I appropriate the 91st Psalm and allit’s wonderful promises from God, for youand your husband. Be blessed and enjoythis gift of life and adventure He hasgiven you. God bless hon!

  7. Things are happening so fast for you!!! I’m really happy that you guys are finally getting settled and everything in order. See you in Germany! -Michelle

  8. wow! I can hardly believe that it’s time for you to leave!! Check in with us when you can, I’ll be looking for updates after you get to Germany 🙂

  9. For  most of these wonderful people, you are only gone from here for a short while. You will be gone from my life for three years! Okay, I swore I wasn’t gonna do this, but I love you baby, so so much. And now I’m gone because we’ve said our goodbyes and I just can’t do it again. All my hugs and kisses…Me

  10. I keep looking at your post and seeing what all you ahve checked off now. You are getting so close. I hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy your time over there. I am sure it must be a turmoil for you right now with everything you are getting done. Love ya girl, and I look so forward to hearing about your new adventure!

  11. I miss you…be safe and have a good trip. I hope that you will be happy in germany hunny and that you keep in touch. Miss you!!!

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