So things are moving hard and fast….

It’s actually quite freaky to see your stuff crated into huge wooden crates and labeled for the shipping yard…

I have one question though…

What would you do if you were standing there talking to a mover and you pointed out two boxed that held sensitive stereo equipment and told him that they would be staying there for your little sister who just bought a house?

  What would you do if he then said fine and chucked one box on top of the other from a distance of about five feet?

Mind you, I’m standing at the foot of the box already on the ground and heard the nice satisfying little crunch.

Am I wrong to be a bit “hot under the collar?”

Not to be rude but I wouldn’t believe you if you said I was….

Okay steam vented must get back to watching the “JERK” load all my worldly possessions….

Hopefully he doesn’t drive half as ad as he packs…



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