Hey Everyone!

I’m here and it’s wonderful!  The only drawback is that as soon as I got here the internet went down and it not scheduled to go back up until July 1st which is exactly 8 days after we return to Phoenix!  Got to love the Air Force.

I miss you all and can’t wait to be back for good.

Talk to you all soon.



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  1. I miss talking to you. can’t wait until we can chat again. I’d write more here, but my fingertips are numb from pulling weeds inthe garden all afternoon. I don’t know that I should have done that because I will be as stiff as a board in a little bit. But I spent time praying while pulling weeds and that was nice. I prayed for you and Ryan and I do believe that much is in store…hectic and peaceful. But as for the hectic…nothing bad. I guess hectic is to be expected seeing how you’re about to move to the other side of the world!  🙂 But I just feel you’re being sent there for a reason. You guys are needed there…for God’s plan and will.
    Yes! You can start working with some pink. I cried. And I wanted to tell you before putting it on xanga, but I had a feeling seeing it on xanga maybe the only way you know until you came home.  🙂  I feel like a fool for doubting God even a little bit that He would not fullfill all of His promise. Yet, at the time, I was not sure that the baby being a girl WAS part of His promise. I’m truly going to have to learn to trust in Him fully and with my whole heart. I cannot understand why it is so hard at times…wondering if there is  a chance He will alow a heartbreak or pain.
    I should stop rambling, seeing as if you’re able to read this down in Texas, you probably have limited time online. I hope you enjoy your time with Ryan and that the two of you just relax in God’s peace before the whirlwind catches you up for a short time.
    haha! I guess my fingertips weren’t sooooo numb.

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