So things are moving hard and fast….

It’s actually quite freaky to see your stuff crated into huge wooden crates and labeled for the shipping yard…

I have one question though…

What would you do if you were standing there talking to a mover and you pointed out two boxed that held sensitive stereo equipment and told him that they would be staying there for your little sister who just bought a house?

  What would you do if he then said fine and chucked one box on top of the other from a distance of about five feet?

Mind you, I’m standing at the foot of the box already on the ground and heard the nice satisfying little crunch.

Am I wrong to be a bit “hot under the collar?”

Not to be rude but I wouldn’t believe you if you said I was….

Okay steam vented must get back to watching the “JERK” load all my worldly possessions….

Hopefully he doesn’t drive half as ad as he packs…


Hey Everyone!

I’m here and it’s wonderful!  The only drawback is that as soon as I got here the internet went down and it not scheduled to go back up until July 1st which is exactly 8 days after we return to Phoenix!  Got to love the Air Force.

I miss you all and can’t wait to be back for good.

Talk to you all soon.


Good Morning Xangaland!

I’m so sorry everybody… I got home when I was supposed to from Prescott and things went crazy!  My trip to Texas got stepped up as I’m sure you can see by this… 


We moved it up because of some appointments that Ryan and I can take care of over at the Texas TMO and other places while I’m there… our first appointment is early Tuesday morning.


I will come around and visit with you all when I get there… The room has high speed internet access and I’ll be alone all day during the week when he’s in school so I’ll try to catch up.


Hope everyone is doing well.

Missing you all.