Good Evening Xangaland!

I came to Prescott to escape the heat and over crowded air of Phoenix, and what I have found here is far beyond what I had expected to find…. Peace, gentle and complete peace. It has been simply beautiful here this last five days… breezy, quiet, and in the mid to low seventies. Who could ask for better?

The first day was spent putting the cabin in order and unpacking…. Then that evening I sat and crocheted and watched a movie only to be interrupted by a fabulous fireworks display in the valley that is perfectly overlooked from the porch of the cabin… I sat in the dark and watched the fireworks with my boys by my side. It was a perfect opening to this week.

On Saturday I got a very welcomed phone call from my cousin Matthew and his family. They were up here at their cabin for the weekend and wanted me to bring to boys up and have dinner with them… So we got in the car and hit the road for Matt’s cabin. We got there at 2pm and I didn’t get back until 2am! It was splendid to spend that little bit of unexpected time with them before we go overseas… We spent the time playing Rook and Balderdash and just talking! I had such a wonderful time.

Sunday was a day of reading and relaxing…

Monday has been my favorite day so far. Apparently I timed this perfectly without intending to. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this but this cabin is one of the fifty or so on the grounds of the Assembly of God Campground for Arizona. And yesterday was the first day of the first camp of the summer. I sat here with all my doors and windows open and listened to the kids play. Then when dusk settled over the camp the kids all filed into the chapel which is just at the bottom of the hill this cabin sits atop, and proceeded to have church. I can not even describe to you how awesome of an evening it was. To sit up here in the dark hearing this group of kids raise their voices in praise and worship and later in fervent prayers…

Here is a picture of the tabernacle from the porch of the cabin… you can see it’s not that far away!


What an amazing gift to be present for the mountain top experience of a group of young Christians… from the top of my own little mountain top…

Today has been more of the same… walking the boys and listening to the kids play… today they have set up a water park in the grass. LOL It is a bunch of those blow up things… a huge slip and slide and a water slide…. We certainly didn’t have those when I went to camp as a kid. LOL But that’s perfectly okay with me as I hate being in a bathing suit!

Here is a picture of the blow up water slides.


So how am I getting online you may ask? Well in my walk today I found that just down at the bottom of my driveway there is another small driveway… I went down it today for the first time in the 8 years my parents have owned this cabin… only to find that it leads nowhere but that if you keep on going up onto the rocky hillside there is, lo and behold, a small walking path, long forgotten with benches and flower beds long gone wild. At the end of this little path is a boulder that has a perfectly flat top and is shaded by another large boulder to the South… as I was sitting there I pulled out my hotspot finder, just because, and amazingly in this small patch of wild beauty tucked away in the heart of this campground there is a hotspot! LOL Must be someone at the bottom of the hill but in short… here I am.

Just for fun here are a few pictures of the cabin…

From the bottom of the driveway.


From the porch… this is the little yard at the foot of the cabin… You can’t really tell from these pictures but it makes a perfect little flat area for the dogs to play while I read in the afternoon.


Here is a picture of the kitchen…


Here is a picture of the little family room and the blue doors are the exit to the porch…


Can you see that picture under the clock? It says

Padner, yo’re welcome
To such as we’ve got-
The leaks in the roof-
An’ the beans in the pot-
The butter that’s soft-
An’ the bunks that are hard-
The weeks that are growin’
All over the yard
Get up when yo’re ready
Be plumb at your ease-
Don’t worry ‘bout us
Just do as yuh please-
Yuh don’t have to thank us-
Or laff at our jokes-
Sit deep – an’ come often-
Yo’re one of the folks.

Yep that just about sums this little place up. I love it… Couldn’t have done better thing than come here for this time with my boys.

Only two weeks until I go to see Ryan… Oh and to answer your question…. Yes I’ll be driving him home with me. The Air Force will pay for the trip home instead of a plane ticket… so the total cost of this trip will be about 100 dollars! Not bad at all, especially when you consider I have to save every penny… still have to come up with the money to ship the boys over to Germany… yikes!!!

Hope all is well with all of you.



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  1. Well I finally can see your site.  Funny thing though I have to highlight everything to see anything.  I found that out by luck.  I have no idea what the problem is. The cabin looks wonderful and very relaxing.  I am glad you had such a wonderful time.  Well I will check back in later you have a wonder evening.

  2. That cabin looks outstanding! What a nice place to escape to! I’m glad to hear that you will be seeing Ryan in a couple of weeks.. I know you are counting down the hours. :o)

  3. I went to camp every year at the Harford City Assembly of God camp grounds when I was growing up. Some of my fondest memories were made there…especially chapel service in the evenings when everyone worshipped with all their hearts.

  4. Wow-I bet that’s incredible to be able to sit outside in the middle of God’s beauty and get on the internet!! 🙂 I’m glad you’re able to get on. Your cabin looks very cozy! Sounds like you’re having a good time. There’s nothing like being able to just sit and listen to worship like that either-I bet that was great.

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