Good Morning Xangaland!

Want to hear something crazy?

My dad and I are in the process of building/inventing a hydrogen converter for his truck… (To be fair it’s his idea I’m just helping him get it all together)

Supposedly if you do it right you can increase the gas milage by 50 to 100% per gallon!  Now who couldn’t use that in this day and age?  We’ll see if it works… We spent most of Sunday afternoon building the actual converter and today we have to test it.  If it functions then we will begin hooking it up to the actual fuel system and then…

We shall see….

So that is how I’ll spend my day!  Could I be any more of a tom boy?

Why does this make me a tom boy you may ask?

Because I not only understand this whole thing but I really enjoy it!

Have a good day my friends.



16 thoughts on “

  1. Well Welcome back!!Love all the pictures from below, you look great!!Glad you seem to have had a good time in the mist of all this crazy stuff you have going on!!Hope to see ya around a little more now, but I understand if not I know you are super busy!

  2. if that works you need to put it into production and sell it.  no better way to stick it to the oil industry than that!  woot!  good luck.

  3. Hey..I like the new look! I’m glad all is going smoothly for you both. My daughters are both girly girl, but then my oldest goes hunting with my hubby and my youngest likes to help him in the yard and under the hood…that is their special bonding time with their daddy… I think it makes for very well-rounded girls! Enjoy your time with your dad..sounds like a great idea!

  4. Oh, my grandma sent me an email of someone that has invented a way to use water in his car instead of gas… can you imagine!  I hope it works out.  We pay $2.77 a gallon now for cheapy stuff.  I  would love to just use water! 

  5. Very interesting idea…you’ll have to let us know how it works out. Nice to hear from you again! I’ve missed you and Sulimb (who’s having entirely too much fun in the house, lol!) so much.
    I’m great, everything is going well with the pregnancy….just tired, cranky and hormonal, lol!

  6. I hope that the project goes well! It’s cool that you & your Dad have a cool project to do together!Enjoy your week!! When will you & Ryan be togther again??

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