Good evening Xangaland!

Fair warning… This post is going to have a ton of pictures in it since there is just so much to catch up on…  as always just click the pictures to make them bigger.

First of all I should address the new look here. I have had the same look since I signed up for Xanga in the fall of 2004. I loved it and it fit me but I felt the need to have a new look to usher in this new chapter in my life that is about to begin.

Things have been so much busier than I ever anticipated them being over the last few weeks. I have been spending as much time with my family as I can, it’s funny how it’s just starting to hit me how long three years without them will be.


Ryan is doing really well in his schooling in San Antonio…. He is one of the top students in his class and is really enjoying the work there. He is getting really excited about our new duty station and his new squadron. Everyone says that when you are living overseas your shop is like your family and that is deffinatly proving true. Already the guys from Ryan’s new shop have made plans to pick us and our dogs up at the airport in all of their private vehicles… The commander’s wife has already asked for my name and info (I won’t lie that scares me a bit.) They have all gone out of their way to send us as much info as they can.  Everything has been going smoothly.


I found some pictures of the base housing on the Bittburg Annex which is where we will be living. We were originally told that the housing was a five hundred square foot two bedroom one bathroom apartment… we are just now finding out that it is actually about 1100 square feet and has a separate laundry room and eating area. It won’t be huge but compared to what we had been counting on it will be a palace!

Here are the pictures of one of the buildings on base housing… Each building is split into four sections with an apartment on each floor. So there are 16 in each building. The only thing that looks like it will be a problem is the fact that there is only one uncovered fully exposed parking spot. Why are there garages in Phoenix where it never snows or rains but none in Spangdahlem where it does both…. Frequently? Oh well.

This first picture is of one of the buildings… if I understand correctly where the balcony splits is the seperation of one apartment from another and they go back into the building… so there are four apartments and four floors.


Tiffandara asked me if I know what floor we’ll be on and the answer is yes I do.  Standard proceedure is to give us ground floor because of the dogs and right now it does not increase the wait time so that will be great.


Another view of the building.


Going down the street…. see what I mean about parking?



I had a wonderful time in Prescott, with Emily and my boys.

Here are some pictures of the trip.

Me and the boys enjoying some summer sun.


What mom, what are you looking out.


Of course I didn’t get a long shot but I’m sitting on a HUGE boulder at the edge of the property.  The side behind me is a sheer drop.  So on top of the world!


Me and Yoda hanging out on the porch.


Me sitting on a rock at the foot of the cabin… see it up there behind me.


 Oh scuse me coming through!


Cool summer breezes on the porch in the afternoon.


Can you see me mom?  Yoda hiding in plain sight.  If it wasn’t for that harness….


But then he couldn’t get down so brother to the rescue.


Me hanging out with my boy.


Emily’s favorite picture from the trip… lol..  Such a corny pose!


 Me looking 30ish and like a mother of three…lol  someday… I hope.


If you ever needed proof that older does count as bigger here it is.  And of course Gandalf is asking me why I sicked Yoda on him.


Me and the guys… look at my arms… it’s a trick of the light but I look buff!!!


LOL my model head shot.      


This one is my favorite of me and my boys… I can’t wait to be in a home of our own again (small though it may be) where we can be together as the little family we are.


I had so much fun that I will be going back there for nine days. I’ll be leaving on May 26th and returning on June 3rd. Just me and my boys, relaxing and enjoying each others company. When I come home from Prescott I will have 18 days until Ryan comes home and then it will be a short 14 days until we pack up the cars and start the drive to California. Just two days later Ryan and I will be on a plane crossing half the world to our new home. It’s amazing how quickly everything flies by when something so big is looming on the horizon. I still can’t believe how fast this is all moving.


In other news… My Aunt Sue and her family is settled into the house on Tierra Buena… Everything is going really good with them and for them. I’m so relieved to have found such wonderful renters to take care of my home.


I am settled into my parent’s house and enjoying the time I get to spend with them. I will admit it is very strange. I have not been alone in the house once since I moved here and that is strange for me. My dogs also have to stay outside since this house is in no way pet friendly. That has been hard for all of us. Especially when you consider that it is starting to get hot here in the land of perpetual sunshine! But we will get through it, just like we do everything else. That is one of the other reasons the boys and I will be going to Prescott in a few days. It’s a bit cooler and they can come inside with me…


Well I think that this has gotten quite long enough. I’m going to come around and visit you all this evening and hopefully I’ll be able to keep this all up over the next little while before I leave. I have really missed all of you and your friendship.

Song of the day? More Than It Seems by Kutless…. Because for some odd reason this song seems to mirror the feelings of my heart these last few weeks…. Wonderful song.


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  1. I know it seems like forever since we have talked and really it has been. Things certainly have been busy…especially with you and spending time with your family but if I were about to move to Germany, id be doing the same as you are. I cant believe only so much longer and youll be so far away. It stinks. Thank God for this thing sometimes huh? You look so BEAUTIFUL in your pictures. You have changed a lot but your face is still the same…very pretty..Things have just been busy here with school ending and work and being 7 months getting so anxious and ready for Joshua. I better get to bed though because matt is sick and my head is killing me!! Ill talk to you soon.

  2. New look is great!  The new apt. building looks good.  At least you’ll have a balcony.  Do you have any idea of what floor you’ll be on?  Or, if they have an elevator?
    You look so relaxed and happy in the pics!  They’re excellent, btw!

  3. you look beautiful!!!!!!!!!! yup, looks like stairwell housing! i hope you don’t have to be on the topmost floor because you will be needing to walk your dogs…and all those groceries lol.i’ll let my brother know that you are going to be on your way to ge! and i am so glad that you are already being welcomed by your future unit. having support is really so impt being so far away.much love courtney!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I enjoyed the pictures and reading your post. Sounds like things are going great for you. It’s an exciting time in your life. You look beautiful and sooooo thin!

  5. The pics are so pretty….and you look so beautiful! I am so glad you posted. I wish Susan would too (unless I just haven’t seen her post yet!) I am glad you got to relax on your trip and I will be happy when you and Ryan are back together.I have been thinking about you because Sterling is debating on taking a new job…..over 300 miles from my family. Now I know this is not across the world but for me, someone who has NEVER been 5 miles from home, it would be DIFFERENT. We are still debating and if we DID move, it wouldn’t be til after Kelsie graduates from high school a year from now. Well, hope your doing great. I have really missed you.

  6. what a great post.  everything about it was great.  we are possibly moving to rio rancho, new mexico.  i wish i could be as upbeat as you are. i love the pic with the doggies and you with the bandana on.  just beautiful.tell your aunt susan i miss her.  you have a happy sunday.  kelly

  7. thank you for the sweet comment. Im just a little…shook up with this.
    I love the “model headshot” its BEAUTIFUL along with all the others…
    I love pictures and you look AMAZING!!!!!!!

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