Well he’s gone… again.  He called last night to say he was lonely…  I hate separations… but…..

The time will go so fast and for once in a TDY that doesn’t seem so welcome. 

I’m still just getting all moved in and making things functional…. scary to pack a whole three bedroom home into half of a garage and one room… and still make it convenient…

I’ll be back soon..

I miss having you in my daily life so much, but my mind is so tired I think I just need  few days….



PS I don’t have the energy to write something about his leaving this time… I’m just so tired…. but you can go HERE for my last post about it….


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  1. AAAAWWWWW……I’m sorry….this will be a rough time right now but you know, when he gets back you will get THREE long years together on a vacation in Germany, right?  LOL That will be a wonderful thing!  I miss you and Sulimb on here so much!! Just doesn’t seem the same without you both. I know you are trying to get settled but keep us posted ok…..we love you!!

  2. Aww sweety I wish I could be there to give you a big hug. I am so proud of you and Ryan for all you’re doing. I appreciate all the sacrifices you are making. I know that doesn’t mkae it any easier. Big hugs sweety.

  3. Heya Courtney, I’m comng over from Shane’s Xanga… I never write in mine, but I check your Xanaga from time to time.. I personally know how much it hurts when your husband leaves for exteneded amounts of time… my husband is a field biologist and does a lot of work where he’s gone for prolonged amounts of time. Its hard… but when you see him again, its like falling in love all over again. I hope you feel better soon and the time will fly before you know it.

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