Another edit halfway down… and yet another…


Well we’re out and heading back to clean soon… Just scratching off my list.  I’m on my dad’s pc but it will be a few days until mine is up and running.


Goodbye Xangaland!

I won’t be around at all until next week probably….  For today my computer goes into a box along with all the rest of my office…  Here is my schedule for this crazy last week with my husband so far.  Seems like he is always leaving….

Today:  Finish packing the whole house including the computers.

Wednesday:  9:45am finale medical clearance on base then move everything out of the house.

Thursday:  Come back and clean the house and get anything left behind. (Ryan’s last day in the shop)


Well it’s done and over… sigh… Ryan got hosed down in the shop today for a fond farewell and I’ve said goodbye to my home…. I really just need a nap.

*End Edit*

Friday: Meet up for breakfast at Tiffany’s with Sue and Robert at 8:30am… then start moving them in.


Well it’s done… keys turned over and the house is theirs for three years and some odd months… bitter sweet…  Now we begin getting Ryan ready to leave in three days and start moving in to this room in mom’s house…. and the beat goes on…


Saturday:  Movie with Zach, work on the car, pack the stuff on the back patio and visit with friends and family. (Start packing Ryan for Texas)

Sunday: Move into the room a bit, continue packing Ryan, Finale Sunday at church for Ryan.

Monday: Going away party with the guys from the shop for Ryan at 11am then dinner with both sides of the family.

Tuesday: Airport to drop Ryan off at 6am.

After Ryan is gone… I have to help Sulimb clean out her apartment and move in to the house a bit… Then on the 3rd of May I leave to go camping with Emily for five days… Our last camping trip… for at least three years. 

Then of course you know a ton of stuff will come up and the next thing you know Ryan will be home, we’ll be having the big going away party on June 25th and we’ll be gone….

In the meantime however, once Ryan leaves I should have plenty of time to come back here and catch up with all of you and really WRITE again.  You just can’t know how I miss it.  I have all these thoughts wanting to bust out… both just feelings about what’s going on right now and stories… soon though. 

So there you have it.  Goodbye for now… I will miss you all so much… sad how the time in my life I need people the most, I don’t have time…. sigh.

Keep us in your prayers please… there is still so much in the air…

Song of the day?  Or the week Rather?  Believe by Brooks and Dunn.  This song just gives me goosebumps… brings a tear to my eye… Something about the chorus just shakes my very soul.

Thought I’d share it with you.



11 thoughts on “

  1. whew!  you are so busy but i will miss you!  i really will. 
    why am i getting an activex box on your site to? 
    take care and dont work to hard.

  2. sounds like you’re crazy busy still….please know you’re still in our thoughts and prayers, we haven’t forgotten about you!!  Have fun on your camping trip!!

  3. Well the time is definately winding down for you.  And you have your list.  Are you always so organized?  I love your photos.  You look so happy. I will look forward to catching up with you when you have time. love T

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