Good Morning Xangaland.

So in the midst of my packing and moving and crazy life…. something has come to my attention that has well……… quite literally rocked my world….

My 78 year old grandmother has just announced her engagement to a 70 year old widower that has been a friend of the family for years….

We are beyond happy for her…

They are looking at houses…. And even though this will be her third marriage (she’s been widowed twice now with my grandfather’s passing last year) she has never had an engagement ring…

So when she announced this news they were shopping for her first engagement ring!

I’m so happy….

But I am a little wierded out…

Do you think that’s bad?


And on a completely sperate note I think my husband has gone nuts!

He has started talking to me with his hands…

As in hand puppet talking…

Both of them…

They have different personalities

and… oh… my…. word!

He just taught them how to switch sides!

That’s it I’m out of here.

I’m running far far away.

And if they mysteriously get named I’m filing for a divorce! lol I don’t want to think about who is doing what for the rest of my life!!!



See you.



Too late… sigh… as soon as he read this over my shoulder he named them.  The right hand is TIM and the left hand is Bruce aka hefty lefty… oh lord…

So that means right now.. Bruce is playing in my hair.


*End EDIT*


12 thoughts on “

  1. LOL You two are so cute.  I understand feeling that way about your grandma. I guess we don’t think of them getting remarried, either because of thier age, or just to someone else. But Congrats to your grandmother.
    Big Hugs!

  2. Wow.. and I thought I had the goofiest husband!.. haha.. That is so wonderful for your Grandma! I bet it is kind of strange to think of her getting remarried, but as long as she is happy that is all that matters to you all, I am sure :o) Go Grandma!!Have a Happy Easter!

  3. LOL It will be ok. I’m sure after everything settles down he will be back to normal. LOL If not then RUN. Come here I’ll hide you. It would weird me out to if my gramma got remarried but like you I would be happy for her. Hugs. Happy Easter

  4. LOL…your hubby cracks me up! My son used to pretend play with his hands. He even had different facial expressions…of course he was 5 years old!!! Hmmm, what’s Ryan’s excuse!!!

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