Having a bit of a crisis!

I just realized that when Ryan and I come back to the states….

Yoda will be 12 and a half….

Gandalf will be almost 8…..

If I could ever get pregnant we could have two or three kids…..

We will have just celebrated out 9th wedding anniversary….

Ryan will just have turned 30….

I will be two months from29…..

All somewhere else…

See?… Crisis, and oh so weird….

Just thought I would share.



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  1. wow! ryan will be in his own decade from you then. lol. that is all weird to think of isnt it. i thought that way when my aunt and uncle went to be missionaries in chile. i was 15 and told them omgosh i’m gonna be 20 when i see you next time! weirdness.

  2. omgosh! you’re killin’ me with the dogs!!!! lol. i ALMOST took a friend with me saturday to a pound to get one…but the more i think about the $$ spent on them..having to take them out to the bathroom..clean up the crap and pee…ah there, i just talked myself right back out of it again. hahaha. i want to rent a dog. rent him a few hours out of the day then drop em off. kinda like renting movies. or maybe a disposible dog. it lasts for a week or so then he breaks and you get rid of it. lol that sounds horrible, nevermind!!

  3. hellooooo!  it has been a long time since i have made it to your site.  i apologize for that.  xanga has been hard for me to get to lately.those tickers are awesome.  and you are so awesome.  i am so glad your aunt susna will be taking care and loving your home while you are away.  i think thats absolutely beautiful!do you remember when i asked if you were renting it out to family in one of your posts?  i had her in mind and i am so glad for everyone involved.have to run.  jack is ready for a nap and i need a showere.

  4. We will also have a new President. And Lucas will be 14 and ready to enter High School. Robert will be 48, I will be 47 and Sammy will be 5 and a daddy. Just a touch of panic is all! We’ll be okay, this is God’s will, remember? Love your guts…Me

  5. I hope that you have a great time there and that you do end up with several kids. It’s going to be an experience for sure.

  6. wow Courtney! Think of all the amazing things you will get to experience because you live in Germany! I’m halfway jealous :DI’ll be thirty on Easter. Wow…thirty really does sound old!

  7. YIKES….my kids will be almost 20, 14 and 10!! YIKES!!!  I will be almost 40!! DOUBLE YIKES!! I think you are psyching yourself out honeybunny. Take a deep breath and relax…..oh.. sorry…hee hee…you caught me talking to myself!!! Love ya!

  8. Hey sweetie
    Crisis it could be but what about amazing and wonderful, blessings and gifts…. change is difficult but glorioous.
    Oh and I just learned something I have been commenting on posts as they come into my email and when I just visited your sites I don’t see any of my comments. I have been commenting this way for the last 3 weeks and none of you have seen any of them.  I am very sorry. 

  9. Just popped over from Susan’s site, just to wish you all the best for your stay in Europe, it’s lovely here, I live in Italy, you’re only a drive away from Italy, France Spain, Switzerland. make the most of your years here.You are so young and it will be a wonderful experience. You can stillcontinue on xanga cant you, keep all your friends updated and envious. I am so happy for Susan too, just to think she’ll be getting away from the crazy neighbours.
    All the best my dear child. BE HAPPY.

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