My Dearest Xangaland,

I miss you all so desperately. As my life is quickly spinning beyond any control whatsoever I long for the early mornings of sitting quietly with my tea and visiting with you. I miss hearing of your daily routines and your not so daily happenings, your loves, your annoyances, your children, your pets, all the big things and yes all the not so big things. I miss you.

This last two weeks have been full. Of amazing things, happy situations, frustrations, setbacks, news … just altogether full.

First of all I found renters for my house! My Aunt Susan and her family have agreed to rent this house for the entire period of time we are out of the country. I can’t even begin to explain to you how much of a blessing that is just in and of itself. We aren’t charging them what full rent would cost here, just the monthly mortgage payment but it’s only about a 150 dollar a month difference. However when you consider the fact that I am guaranteed to never have any gaps in my rent it is well worth it! Even if we were lucky enough to only have three renters in the three years we would be gone there would have to be a month long gap in between with getting it ready for the next family and that right there is $1000.00 plus whatever the cost of the repairs. Who has that just lying around? Not me! Not to mention she will store some things for me and take care of my plants!! So I’m scratching her back and she’s scratching mine!

It is also such an amazing thing because this was my first house and I love it here so dearly and it breaks my heart a little to leave it. This will also be her first house all her own with no shared walls and she knows me and my heart and will take good care of this old girl that has been, not just my house, but my first true home. I know she’ll love living here as much as I do. Have I even mentioned that her son will be in hog heaven? With a city park literally across the street and a neighborhood full of kids, not to mention the school he will be attending is a top rated school in this city and he’ll be here just long enough to graduate from it completely before they move. What more could a kid want?

They are also getting ready to buy my car. I have a little 1995 Mercury Tracer that we can’t take with us to Germany and we were just getting ready to put it on the market and lo and behold it just so happens to be just what they were looking for and in the right price range too.

So all in all the two huge things left that have really been worrying me lately are now taken care of. In a wonderful way! Because not only do I have relief but my Aunt and her family, who sorely deserve a break, will be getting their first house and a new car in the space of one months time. God has truly had his hand in this! We are so excited.

Now the bad news about all of this. Well it’s not really bad news but… well you’ll see. They are renting an apartment at this time. Their lease expires on April 30th so the timing is actually perfect as Ryan leaves for tech school on the 25th of April. It just means that this last three weeks Ryan is here will be consumed by moving and packing… We’re going to be so very busy for the next few weeks. But really this is a blessing too. I can put away two months worth of rent into an emergency fund for my parents (who will be our stand in landlords while we are overseas) in case there are any repairs needed while we are away. This takes a huge financial pressure off of us while we are in Europe and will allow us to actually travel.

So I’m getting ready to move out of my home and into my parent’s house again. I never thought that the saying “They always come back.” Would apply to me but in truth this is the second time I’ve gone to live with them since I’ve been married! LOL I’ll have my own room with a TV and computer and I really don’t anticipate that two months to be very busy. My whole house will be packed up and in storage and I’ll just be waiting for the Air Force to take the next step, which they won’t until Ryan is home. So I’ll be on here a lot and making the baby blankets that I have on the docket at the moment, in hopes to get them all off before the move…

I will try to come by as often as I can…. I truly do miss all of you terribly. In a few weeks time though you may just be sick of me!

I’m not looking forward to being alone again….. And though it sounds like being with my family would be easier I don’t think so…. I’m a very solitary creature with a very habitual routine… I’m going to miss having a home to care for while he’s away…. But I’ve survived worse and I’ll survive this.

Good bye for now Xangaland.



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  1. I am so happy for you and  Susan.  God knew both your needs,  I love how he work every thing out for you both.    Take care Courtney  God bless you and keep you safe.

  2. I hope your move goes well and that you cana meet some nice people. I always have a hard time adjusting when we move but my xanga friends are always here and it helps pass some of those hours away. that’s great how everything worked out with the house and car situation and i’m sure your aunt will love it.

  3. I know it’s not the same, but I’ll need your help settling in during that waiting period, if you want that is. Bring your boys and we’ll just be. God has blessed us both, hasn’t he? No doubts that this was all meant to be. I have even more good news, but I’ll wait until tomorrow to tell you. Love you, Me

  4. it’s wonderful that your Aunt can move in to take care of your house for you!  At least you know she will handle it with tender loving care for the time that your gone!  And that is a deffinite PlUS!  Honey, you just go ahead, sure, we all miss your wonderful blog, but we totally understand.  Whatever time you need.  You’re so young and vibrant and full of life, I just know that when you come back you’ll have more wonderful stories for us!  This is a time to be preparing for your long journey away from home and you need all the preperation you can possibly get!  Stay safe and happy honey. . .we’ll all probably be here when you get a chance to get back. .as for Kween of the Queens, well, we haven’t had that many challenges this year yet anyway. . . I’m sure with the amount of Lords and Ladies signing up that it will be a long time in just getting through one challenge at a time anyway!  Who knows, you might only miss this one and one more!  And remember, anytime you want to do an challenge, you can always just scroll back in the Kween of the Queens site and see one you like!  Hugs baby!~K.K.

  5. I am so happy that things are falling into place for you. I know that it has to be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. Although moving back in with your parents isn’t necessarily what you want to be doing… you will have all that time to spend with them before you move to Germany. And I know you are really close with your family so it really wil be a great thing for you. Not to meantion someone there with you while Ryan is in Tech school.
    And we will not get tired of

  6. wow…busy busy girl. Glad everything fell directly into place…funny how that works isnt it?
    Thank you for the prayers, my little family could use all the prayers we can get. Things have gotten bad again, and I really dont think that is repairable anymore. I think its just beyond fixing. Tho Im still a tad bit hopeful. R&R is in 14 days soo maybe that will help a tad. I didnt tell you because you have soo much on your plate, didnt want to add on to that. I love you and miss YOU terribly. Im ready for things to slow down for you a bit and us to have nice chat.
    BTW Hannah still sleeps with the blanket you made…and she still LOVES it. as do I.
    ❤ AND MISS YOU COURTNEY…hurry back to us.

  7. You are definantly a busy woman. I am so glad this all worked out like it did. Good luck with all you have to do. Big hugs to you and I miss you.

  8. Gosh you have been so busy..Well 1st Congrats on the house & Car..That is a huge relief..God has a funny way in makeing things work out..As far as moving back with your parents I guess the bright thing is that you will be saveing some money and such..I wish you the best luck with the move and getting settled in a new life..Good Luck with everything and can’t wait to hear from you again!

  9. You have been busy! I was so sad to read your tickers and you know that I am going to need you just as much once you are in germany too..its going to be hard knowing youre that much farther away, and I cant believe that Ryan is going to be in my hometown when im not even there to meet him! Lackland is huge in my opinion! why couldnt he do it at randolph air force base instead? is that where he did his AIT for his other job as well? its good to hear that youre doing well though and know that I am here! things…life, gets in the way but being able to have a quiet moment to sit, drink my hot tea and just read about other peoples news going on makes me all warm inside too. its nice to have that time to myself while matt is gone. like right now. I know these next two months are going to be tough for you but you know you can count on me to be here for you every step of the way! I better get going and update myself! BIG NEWS! I love you and ill talk to you soon!

  10. Sounds like you are so inredibly busy and overwhelmed, but those things happen in the middle of a tornado…which is what is sounds like you are. Just try to take time to love on Ryan and your dogs and let your heart settle from the constant pounding of running around like a chicken with its head cut off. They truly do that, you know!! My great-grandmother told me so! But that’s another story.
    Still claiming promises every day and remembering you when I pray. My prayers are pathetic lately. I don’t know why. Partly fear? Partly tired? Partly overhwelmed? I don’t know. But I do remember to mention that promise to Him! So that’s what counts, huh?
    I got stir crazy and had to start writing something. Anything! I haven’t even come close to finishing the research needed for Peter and Pearl’s story…so I’ve broken my own promise. Good thing God doesn’t do that!! I just keep thinking of my Mr. Wylie who is always telling that I need to write the things that God is teaching me. Well, I can’t do that unless it is in a story. So, I’ve started a project to help pass the time while I lay around and try to keep my mind from fussing. But Pearl is always on my mind and in my heart. As soon as God shows me HER heart, I’ll get right on that story for you!
    Miss ya!

  11. Such a blessing for both you and Ryan and Susan and her family! 13 years ago we had to temporarily leave our home to live in Colorado. We were blessed to have a young family from our church rent our home and even take care of our dog, since we were moving to an apartment and could not bring her with us. It was such a blessing for both of our families! You are going through a very exciting and transitional time right now…may God bless you through all of this!

  12. It’s wonderful how everything is working out. I had thought about Susan when you had mentioned having to rent our your home. You are VERY lucky to have her in there!! I know you are going to miss Ryan but then just think about it….three years WITH him, right?  Love you girl and I am SO happy for you. I know you have alot of change going on but you are handling it all wonderfully! Take care!

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