I had to stop on in and share this quote with you from one of my favorite women in fiction of all time…

Mrs. Amelia Peabody Emerson

“I hope I number patience among my virtues, but shilly-shallying, when nothing is to be gained by the delay, is not a virtue.”


Sounds an awful lot like me.

Busy as all get out but missing you all.



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  1. Hi, I’ve been here before and love reading about your Weight loss. It’s awsome that you have done so well.

  2. Hello, I had asked on my Xanga about Gastric By Pass, and Bellesmom sent me here.  I have soooo many questions for you.  Do you have Yahoo, MSN, or AIM.  I am thinking about getting it done, but I am soo mixed on it.  Did you have to get a tummy tuck afterwards.  You look WONDERFUL!!!  I am KatrinaCherie@hotmail.com or KatrinaCherie@yahoo.com or KatrinaCherie on AIM.  I would love to talk with you, I have so many questions.  I also see you live in AZ, and I am thinking about mvoing there this summer. 
    Thank You~Trina

  3. ok, I have time to ask some questions now.  I would love to talk to ya though instead of through here, but I see that you will not be on much.
    One thing I am wondering, is were you scared?  I am very scared because I have read that the risk of dying is rather high.  I can’t imagine my son going on without me.
    Also, what kind of insurance did you have?
    I have been trying to go back and read all about it.
    I too have PCOS and have had miscarriages.  My blood pressure is now high.  My blood sugar has been fine.  But the other day, it was slightly high, but it wasn’t a fasting though, so that is probably why.  I lack energy sooo bad!  I am now on depression pills.  I have triend everything, and nothing works to lose weight.  I keep gaining, yet I barely eat.  I am always told, that I don’t understand why you don’t lose or you gain, becasue you don’t eat much.  Smaller people will tell me they eat a lot more than me.  I don’t always make the wisest desicions on what I eat, though I do know that.  I have gained 30 pounds in the past year!  I could not beleive that when I went into the doc the other day!
    Well, any advise you give me would be wonderful!  Also, I am wondering how that works if I move to AZ from Iowa while I am in the 6th month wait.
    Thank You

  4. hey hun, how are you doing? I like the quote. sounds an aweful like me too. I wanted to let you in on something that is really bothering me because I know I can talk to you inteligently and get a real, honest answer back. Liz, poketsizeliz on my list, I think she is protected so you may not be able to read her posts, well she wrote a really nast post about matt. MY husband and she wrote about him. One morning he didnt have to be at work until like 7:15 and he was asleep when I got home from work that night so he didnt tell me until that morning and I called her and told her and she got mad and whatever and I got her to class on time! We got there but she had to drive and she was pissed off!!!! just because one time she had to drive? then this thursday I had an interview for english and didnt get to go to my history class and I had to get matt to work again and drive him and I was late like 30 minutes and it was out of his control but she got to class! on time, again. and she went and wrote on her xanga for everyone to see what an inconsiderate person matt is for doing that and that he gets in her way of doing her daily activities and hes an asshole and all this shit! I am so mad! I dont know what to do.

  5. Hope it is all going well!! You were on my mind yesterday so I said a quick prayer for peace in your home throughtout this transition time! Exciting, busy, all that stuff that goes along with any move, moreless the move to another country!! Take care!

  6. Shilly shallying….don’t you just love those words?I think I’ll go shilly shally now…oh nothing mom, justshilly shallying! Ah words like that are like whipped cream and cherries on the ice cream of life.hahaHow ya been hon? Come visit my more serious literarry siteThePinkHobbit sometimes.I love that pic of you in the green sweater.

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