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Good Afternoon Xangaland! 

I think I’m going to start a dream series… last night was another doozy… but not in a super bad way, just weird…

I was getting ready to leave for Germany and realized that the movers had misplaced all of my underwear for the trip.  I had NONE and for some reason I couldn’t buy any.  The Base Commander keep telling me to just get on the plane, because no one would know if I had clean underwear or not, and if I didn’t get on the plane my husbands career would be in jeopardy.  I just couldn’t do it though.  You see my father is a fireman and it has been drilled into us to not leave the house without clean underwear, just in case!!!  lol 

So I think I may go to Walmart tonight and buy about a hundred pair just to be safe… they couldn’t possibly lose them all right?  Just kidding….. you hope….

So it is another beautiful day in the land of perpetual sunshine!  (As my Aunt Sue would say)  I believe this makes day 143 of our very own draught.  However we are promised rain here in the Valley of the Sun on Saturday and Sunday.  So we shall see.

Today Ryan went before the oral board for the squadron B.O.B award but I haven’t heard anything from him today and in any case we won’t know anything until Monday.  He was so frazzled last night because he only found out yesterday that he had to go before the board today.  He was under the impression that he would have a week or so…..

Something happened yesterday that for some reason makes Germany a blinding reality.  We got an email… from our very own sponsor.  I don’t remember his name I’ll have to ask Ryan to let me read it again (it’s in his work mail).  Any way, this guy wrote us yesterday to tell us how excited he was to be our sponsor and to confirm that we would be arriving in July, and to ask us for a bunch of information so he could begin making arrangements for transportation and housing…. eeekk… I can’t even begin to explain why that made it so real but somehow it just does….  My husband and I will live in a foreign country in 4 months…

On a lighter happier note!  I think I am about to meet my very first Xanga friend!!!  Her name is Michelle and she and I have talked on here for about a year now.  She is another Air Force wife and is in the process of moving out to their first duty station, Edwards AFB in California!  She is driving through here and she and I are going to meet for dinner!  I’m so excited!!!  I’ll have to let you know how it all goes!

Well I better get out of here… I want to come around and visit really quick.  Then I have a few essays left to write for a christian website and they are due today!  Then I have to clean house a bit, make about 10 blankets, draw a sketch for something at church… ect. ect. ect…  lol  You know how it goes!

Have a wonderful day Xangaland!



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  1. Laughing at your dream! Last night, my hubby and I prayed that you’d sleep well without any bad dreams. I didn’t mention underwear in my prayer… sorry!!
    Wow, that website editor must be mean! šŸ™‚

  2. how cool it is that you get to meet someone from xanga.  i know I will meet you and Susan one of these years when I get over to Scottsdale for a vacation.  i need to get over and visit with Gini one of these days to.  She isnt to far from me now.

  3. Werid Dream..Good Luck meeting your friend from here..I am sure it will be loads of fun..I dread to see what the weather is going to be like in July or August, I guess we will have a hot hot summer..Hopefully things will work out with this job!!!

  4. La la la…you’re dreaming of underwear babygirl? Now that’s just pitiful, even if the same thing was drilled into me all my life too. Wanna know a secret? Sometimes I was tempted to go out in ‘dirty’ underwear just to tempt the fates. Only she always got to them before they got really dirty. Not that I would know what dirty underwear is supposed to look like. I suppose if they don’t have like dirt or grass stains on them, or mustard, they should still be pretty clean…just kidding. Sorry, I’m in a mood I guess.
    And you can stop with the leaving, okay? I know it’s gonna happen, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it! LOL
    Love ya kiddo, Me

  5.  Oh my gosh Courtney, that dream sounds like something I would have had! lol Thanks for a great laugh. How exciting to meet one of your Xanga friends! I hope it goes well.  That is interesting that you have a sponsor to get you set up with everything. Hopefully he will help you with everything just fine. I have heard that Germany is a great place to live so I think you both are gonna be just fine! Hugs!

  6. Hey girl! WOW! You are crazy busy lately, aren’t you? I’m so excited for you though and slightly jealous…it would be so awesome to live in Germany! I hope your husband does well but I’m sure he will! Your dream sounds crazy but I’m sure they couldn’t do that (right? ha ha!). I hope not! Good luck on your xanga friend meeting…that sounds awesome!

  7. Thanks for the comment šŸ™‚  I think i added you to the newly protected post so you can see whats going on.  ~hugs~ Thanks.  Any uplifting things you could say are definately appreciated right about now. 

  8. I signed up for paypal but it will take 2-3 business days for them to confirm my bank account. So I will be getting ahold of you again Wednesday or a lil sooner.

  9. I saw you on the tracker my cousin, Female Valet, set up for me.  I am not really good at this Xanga thing.  I just thought I would come by and check out your site.  Hope you don’t mind!  Have a fun trip!

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