Okay everyone is visited!

I also stuck a ticker up top just under my banner that gives you the countdown to when we report for duty in Germany.  We will probably be leaving the states earlier than that but the 20th of July is the day Ryan actually has to start work.  Our port call date looks like it will be somewhere between the 3rd and 7th of July.



Good Morning Xangaland!

Well I’m back, the beast is up and running and we are good to go!  Although I don’t know how much time I’ll have on here over the next couple of weeks. 

Thank you so much for your prayers.  Ryan tested for Technical sergeant yesterday and said that he felt pretty good about it but we won’t know anything until July at the earliest… However the oral board he went before on Tuesday was a success!  HE WON!!!

He won the Best Of the Best award for A.G.E. (His current career field) and will be going before another board for the squadron BOB in about a weeks time.

The official orders for Germany are in and all the paperwork required of us is in and now we await our R.I.P. sheet which will have all the codes on it telling us how much storage we will be allotted, how much weight we can take, what kind of crates we need to buy for the dogs, ect.  So once again in the midst of this storm of activity we sit and wait….

We are both really okay with this move and I think we are handling it just fine… but tell that to my brain please.  You see I don’t fret and stress about it during the day because honestly what would be the point?  I’m trying to give it to God daily (and trust me the daily part is necessary)  but at night my anxiety comes out.  I have been having the mother of all nightmares every night.  From a serial killer stalking me through cheesy linoleum hallways to this doozy last night where Ryan and I weren’t just moving to Germany we were both soldiers going to war and I had babies and I was so scared but willing to do my part.  And my brother in law was so mad at the military that he joined to take my place and then my mother in law hated me because I was taking both of her sons away!  (would never happen)  Crazy huh?  So apparently I’m a bit stressed…. what do you think?

Nothing else really going on around here and at the same time I feel as if I haven’t had a moment to sit still in for ages…. 

I’m going to try to get around to everyone and visit!

Song of the day? Love is a Movement by Switchfoot


 P.S.  I know this is so scatterbrained but honestly, today I just don’t have the fortitude to go back through and make it coherent so please forgive me.

P.S.S.  Please excuse my site being all wiggy… my image hosting site is having issues!  Which means all of you I have done banners for, if they aren’t working now they should be working soon….




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  1. go ryan!  congrats to him.  glad you were able to tame the beast.  haha!  i think your dream is a sure sign you are stressed.  are you in any way excited at all?

  2. Boy you sure do have a lot on your plate.  Congrats to Ryan for a job well done. Hopefully you anxiety level will drop and you can sleep in peace. I will check back later. T

  3. Yay! Congratulations to Ryan! Of course, we all know that behind every successful man is a wife kicking his behind into gear, right? :O) The dreams aren’t really a surprise, but I’m sure half the time you wake up thinking, “what in the world?” I’m sooo there, between this new tutoring gig and the impending arrival (and doctor’s visit) I’m dreaming of the weirdest stuff. Just hang in there sweetie…it’ll be here and over before you know it!

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