Oh joy…

Looks like it may be a few more days than I hoped!

Everyone take care.



Good Morning Xangaland!

Well looks like I really won’t be around much today.  I just tried to go onto my computer and check my email and it crashed…. just rolled over and died… poor SheLobb!  LOL

I’m writing to you from my husbands computer and I’ll try to do my emails from here but most of my day and maybe tomorrow will be taken up trying to fix the beast.  This one is just not the same, it is missing MY programs, MY saved pictures and that comfortable homey feeling!

In the meantime please keep Ryan in your prayers if you think about it.  He has a oral board tomorrow to go through for a B.O.B. award and then he tests for technical sergeant on Wednesday.  Busy week for us both. 

Talk to you all soon.




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  1. Sorry about your computer..I know what you mean about the homey feeling you get at your own computer..Good Luck..ANd I will keep you and Ryan in my thoughts and prayers!!

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