Good Morning Xangaland!

Sorry I never got back yesterday!  Busy day!!  The groomer was a huge success!  Gandalf is still shedding a little but they say that happens for the first two days after grooming because of the stress and excitement.  However he looks like he lost 10 pounds and his coat is all shiny and soft!  I’m excited about this.


Yoda of course looks ten years younger!  We had them do a nice summer cut so his hair is very short but with a big slobbery brother like Gandalf this is for the best!!


(Sigh) My babies…..


Today I have to run over to my mom’s house to help her with some things on the computer.  Then I’m here catching up on a thousand little things.  What’s new these days? 

I know that my site has become boring this last few weeks but please bear with me…  I am going to have increasing amounts of things that will just consume my days for the next few months but I’m trying desperately to hang on to all of you.  When I’m living in Germany and my world is upside down all of you will be exactly the same and I have a sneaking suspicion I’m going to need that in my life.  So give me a few months to move and all will be back to normal. 

Hey I discovered something so disturbing yesterday!  I must be getting old!  I have never once in all my 25 years been able to touch my nose with my tongue.  It’s hereditary you aren’t supposed to develop the talent.  I was in the shower yesterday and water was running off my nose and I just stuck my tongue out, who knows why, and all the sudden boom I touched my nose!!!!!!!!  I freaked and walked around doing it all day just to make sure it wasn’t a freak accident.  Do you have any idea how devastated I am?  Because my tongue didn’t get longer so you know what that means right?

My nose must have…. sigh….



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  1. I like the pics of your dogs..and love their names! They look like they are proud of how pretty they look! Now, I’ve heard of getting “long in the tooth” but never “long in the tongue”…LOL! Hmmm… I’ll have to try that one! Have a great weekend!

  2. Sorry about your tounge & nose..My sister can do it..LOL..The dogs are so cute..I love that picture of them together..Looks like they are smiling!! And I know I  will stick with you while you are moveing!! Good Luck with that and my prayers are with you!!

  3. I love that you are praying for me–it is SO encouraging!  I never tire of hearing it!!  ;o)
    Your puppies are cute!  I love their names, too. 
    I LOVE your tongue and nose story–that is hilarious!!!  I can’t touch my nose with my tongue, but who knows–in a few years, I might just be there with you!!

  4. You’re moving to Germany.  Wow!!! Sorry haven’t been on in a while but i guess you know I haven’t had a computer in a few months. Anyway..I’m sooooooo jealous.  I’ve never left the little town i grew up in.  Shane asked on our honeymoon “other than when we’ve been together, when was the last time I left the state?”.  You know what my answer was…. 5 YEARS!!!!!!  Now that sucks.  I will travel one day.  My goal used to be to go to London.  Now it’s just to get west of the Mississippi river. =(
    Your dogs are sooooooo cute. I want one really really bad, but Shane said not with our new carpet.
    Sometimes a quite period is really good.  No need to apologize.

  5. your dogs are so cute….and they look GREAT after their grooming session!Don’t worry about boring us! life really is boring a lot of the time! I’m sure once you get to Germany you’ll have lots of picutres and neat stories to share with us 🙂

  6. They look great. LOL at touching your nose with your tongue. We love and will miss ya while your getting moved.

  7. i am going ot have to check that shedding thingie out!  my golden is on the verge of throwing me over the edge with all his shedding.  its truly nerve racking ot have to vacuum my floors and furniture twice a day.your babies are beautiful and i can touch my nose with my tongue.  my tongue is borderline gene simmons tongue though.  lol!

  8. Cute dogs. I love dogs. Any way thanks for the comment on my site thought I would stop in and say hello
    Have a great weekend

  9. Courtney…my dear. You have officially reached dork status. Now that you have mentioned that I HAVE TRIED TO TOUCH MY NOSE A MILLION TIMES…it doesnt work. You are toooo funny.
    Good luck getting all your stuff done. I will be here when you get back to xanga.

  10. hee hee…your nose is growing…poor courtney!!! Hey, thats a neat trick though to be able to touch your nose with your tongue, as I was reading your post I was trying and I couldnt do it…lol
    Your doggies are cute. 
    April :0)

  11. Hope you’re having a good weekend. You’re site is not boring. You take care of whatever you need to and I bet nobody goes anywhere. We’ll be here to nag you wether you like it or not.

  12. I had to visit again to show hubby the pics. We have a schnoodle adn a Beagle. I’ll have to post pics if I can ever get them to sit still long enough.

  13. haha.. Are you saying you are developing a Pinnachio nose?! :o)Cute pups!.. If you ever go to WalMart pick up the latest issue of “All You”.. they are having an America’s Cutest Dog contest coming up. Our cat, Stinky, won America’s Cutest Cat!! She is featured in an article and there are 2 pics of her & one pic of her & my husband published in the magazine this month!.. It is so cool!! :o)

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