Good Morning Xangaland!

Thank you for my comments on my craft site.  For those of you who missed it please check it out.  Just click the picture.


Please do keep checking back!  I will be changing it and adding a lot too it over the next few weeks. 

Thank you to LittleLo_63 for making the first purchase!  Good choice!!

Today I’m off to have the boys groomed.  There will be pictures later on.  Gandalf is a Newfoundland mix and every year about this time he goes through a Newfi blow where he looses all of his winter coat in one fell swoop and it’s awful.  My groomer has asked me to try this new thing called the Furminator Shed-less treatment and today is the big day.  She says it’s a tool that sheds out all the undercoat and should cut shedding by as much as 80%.  Here’s to hoping!!!

So with that said, I’m off to visit a little and then shower and take the boys in!

Song of the day? Strong tower by Kutlass



11 thoughts on “

  1. I love the craft site..It’s really cute!! And the banner is cute too..Hope you get a good response from it..Have fun haveing the boy groomed today..I need to take mine to get groomed but we do most of that at home..Bathing and nail clipping and mess!!

  2. Beautiful Courtney!!!!!!!!!! . You go girl. I truly believe in Proverbs 31:31. And the story about Talents (talents buried vs. wasted vs. invested). I wish you so much luck!!!

  3. Hey Courtney!
    Sorry its taken so long once again to get back to you, but you see its been kind of hectic. I have missed you a a lot and I still cant belive youre moving soon. grrrrrrrrrrrrr to the airforce. Is everything going okay though? I havent talked to you in for so long that I feel like I have missed all the important things and im lagging behing on your life. How is Ryan doing? Is he excited too? I bet he is. All that matters is that they can take care of you there too. The baby is doing fine, matt is doing fine, im doing okay…im just frustrated sometimes, you know. I better get going but ill talk to you as soon as I can..probably on tuesday mabye sooner if the computer works in the new starbucks they built! woohoo! Love and miss you hun!

  4. Hiya there!!! Thx for stopping by my site. =) I like that craft site, very cool. I do hope u get a good repsonse from it & also hope that doggy thing works…Hmm maybe I should try it on my dog hehe..He sheds like crazy & he is only a pug lol. Take care..Hugs…Amanda

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