For those of you who asked I would say it’s deffinitely an ear print.  I wouldn’t know for sure though as this has never happened to me!  …snicker


Do you ever feel so tired that you can’t go another minute?

Do you ever just stumble to your bed and have to just catch a quick nap?

Have you ever sent your husband out to get Chinese food for dinner at 6:30pm and then suddenly had it hit you?

Have you ever then decided to sneak into your room to catch 40 winks while he’s gone?

“Just five minutes I’ll be up before he gets back and he’ll never know!”

Just to have him come home 30 minutes later and find this?


Curled in a ball with your glasses still clutched tight in your hand and a puddle of drool on your pillow?

And when he wakes you up you swear you never even fell asleep?

But the proof is in the picture….

Have you ever slept so hard that you had one of these?



Well… um…. Yeah me neither. I was just checking.

Song of the day? Brahms Lullaby




19 thoughts on “Naptime

  1. Thanks so much for the banner..I love it..And I got it to work..I may change my profile pic too..THANKS BUNCHES!!! And is that your ear? LOL..I have woke up in drool and I have had lines before..So I guess I have slept that hard..It’s nice sometimes!!LOL!

  2. uhhh…. no…. I will never admit to doing something like that (does falling asleep when you go to change the sheets count cause it just looked soooo comfortable??) LOL

  3. Wow I have never left my earprint behind, but do have sheet imprints once in a while. I am still in a bad habit of taking power naps in early afternoon right before work, bad habit to break.

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